Conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who has tested positive for the coronavirus infection, said on Monday that he contracted the disease on purpose in an attempt to achieve natural immunity from the illness.

The 73-year-old host of the "The Dennis Prager Show" revealed to his audience that last week he tested positive for the infection. He also noted that he had been trying to get the virus to infect him for months.

COVID-19 Natural Immunity

Prager said he engaged with strangers, constantly hugging them, taking photos with people, and placing himself in harm's way to become vulnerable to the virus. Despite how bizarre the statement was, the radio host said he wanted to get the virus so that he would achieve natural immunity and have therapeutics take care of him.

The famous media figure also revealed that he had not gotten the coronavirus vaccine so that he would contract the virus easier. Prager defended his decision by saying that natural immunity was a much stronger defense against the illness.

Despite Prager's claims that natural immunity is better than taking the coronavirus vaccine, no thorough study has compared the two. No documentation shows how effective natural immunity is and how long it would last, Yahoo News reported.

The radio host's positive test for the coronavirus came a few days after attending a Colorado campaign event for Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl. Prager revealed that he felt ill and took a test last Wednesday.

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Ganahl's campaign said they had no idea that Prager was positive for the coronavirus infection but noted that they planned to contact the event attendees. "The campaign was not aware Dennis had contracted COVID until the announcement on his show," the campaign said in a statement, 9News reported.

Booster Shots Against the Coronavirus

The situation comes as seniors in the United States are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection than most other people. Additionally, one out of seven seniors in the U.S. has gotten a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine to fight off the disease.

U.S. authorities are struggling to prevent another COVID-19 surge this coming winter, and health experts are urging any eligible individual for a booster shot to get it as soon as possible. Data released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that about 10.7 million Americans had gotten a booster shot, including 15% of seniors aged 65 years and older.

The Pfizer vaccine has so far been the only coronavirus vaccine that has been given the authority to administer booster shots in the United States. Additionally, the third injection is only given to high-risk groups who have already completed the initial two-dose regimen of the vaccine.

The Food and Drug Administration recommended using a booster shot at least six months after the completion of the first two shots. FDA advisers also recommended booster injections to some individuals who have been given the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, CNN reported.

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