If the Cold War tensions finally break, Russia overcomes the US as the two have devolved relations when the new White House set in. As the US military lost footing when the Trump administration left, it has been slightly affected by the policies of the White House in a different thrust.

Russian, Chinese forces are more than ready for cold war

Now more than ever, Russian President Vladimir Putin supports the modernization of Russian armed forces and can project strength. While the US military allegedly failed against third-world insurgents, Moscow showed that its forces are more than prepared, with morale boosted the dynamic leadership of Putin.

One poll says that the US administration is facing China and Russia, held in September. The European Council on Foreign Affairs study revealed that 59% of Europeans are aware that Moscow and Washington are locking horns that could estrange voters in Europe, reported the Express UK.

The Kremlin had accused the US of interloping in joint drills with China when the USS Chafee, an Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyer, entered Russian waters close to the sea of Japan. 

It was reported on Friday while Russia and China were exercising naval drills in their waters. As the report goes, the USS Chafee was not operating safely when the ships were too close for comfort, cited 25 Week.

The ASW ship Admiral Tributs said the American destroyer was not following safe procedures in entering an artillery zone to get close to the drill area.

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Russia has most number of warheads

Washington did not acknowledge the charge of unsafe navigation, which signifies that Moscow will not let up but push back, according to a post-cold war low, is very dire, noted Business World.

In May 2021, the Kremlin has the most thermo-nuclear warheads compared to the US, with a total number in the hands of various countries that total 13,080 warheads in the world.

Russia has the most of them and a host of systems that can arm them and bring about Armageddon if the US fires first. The actual number said the Federation of American Scientists is 6, 257 of them connected to delivery systems, stockpiled for use, and that retired warhead for disarming.

A close second is the US with the most arsenal of a nuke at 5,550 less by 707 nukes which is a big deal. The Biden administration reveals this number. America with 3,750 nuclear warheads in its arsenal with 2,000 for dismantling, remarked the State Department because of transparency. This information is revealed for the 2022 meeting of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference.

The Biden administration chose to declassify the information that President Trump kept secret and release all info on nuclear warheads in a statement this month.

One of the reasons is that the decision to reverse the Trump decision to stay secret makes other nations follow suit. The Biden administration chose transparency over national security, unlike the Trump action.

Russia overcomes the Biden-led US based on the sheer number of nukes they possess and how Moscow is moving on a solid strategy.

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