With the pandemic showing no signs of abating, many Americans have been holding out hope for a new stimulus package. Unfortunately, the government, particularly Congress, does not appear to be interested in another stimulus payment.

Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner, circulated a petition on Change.org last year calling for recurring payments of $2,000 to each and every American until the pandemic was well under control. The petition now has about 2.9 million signatures, with a goal of 3 million established as an urgent objective. This petition will become one of the most popular on the website if it reaches 3 million signatures.

Per Digital Market News, Bonin said in August that the petition was slowly gathering traction, with the Delta variant surging like COVID-19's primary strain. Bonin inquired about the changes that might result from the pandemic to demonstrate that the country is still united.

She went on to say that another stimulus check was necessary since the pandemic had had a significant impact on the restaurant sector, which had directly touched her friends. She said that the necessity for another payment is critical, as the Delta variant hasgradually evolved into the next big thing.

Bonin's spouse lost his job as a result of the pandemic. She's worried about another delay now that their restaurant is still operating. She stated in August that one of the indications she has been watching is the increase in their to-go orders.

Another petition, similar to Bonin's stimulus check, has been filed to make the increased Child Tax Credit permanent. This petition was created by Keri Troehler-Duesing, a high school teacher and mother who refers to the payment as a "lifeline."

Bonin's petition has received almost 2.9 million signatures, whereas CTC's petition has only received approximately 61,000. According to Bonin's Change.org petition, Americans should get $2,000 monthly stimulus checks until the pandemic is over.

President Joe Biden urges for CTC extension

She believes the petition will meet its target of 3 million signatures, making it one of the most popular Change.org petitions ever. While President Joe Biden may not favor another stimulus package, he may support making increased CTC payments permanent, or at the very least extending them for a few more years.

In fact, Biden's American Families Plan, which was released in April, calls for the Child Tax Credit to be extended for another four years. Following the commencement of the monthly stimulus payment in July, Biden advocated for an extension of the Child Tax Credit, stating that "those who work hard and pay taxes deserve a respite," Value Walk reported.

Although Biden is asking for a four-year extension, experts believe that the increased CTC payment will be made permanent.

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Why does a fourth stimulus check remain unlikely?

The potential of stimulus checks is kept alive by all of the implicit and explicit support for them. However, the support makes a fourth stimulus check unlikely.

Two-thirds of the country's economy is driven by consumer spending. People's spending power has been increased by excess pandemic savings, as well as three stimulus checks. Since the commencement of the monthly Child Tax Credit payments on July 15, that spending power has risen even more.

Vaccinations are going well, but not as rapidly as they were in the spring. In all 50 states, adults and children over the age of 12 are eligible for vaccination. Aside from the strengthening economy, Washington's political maneuverings make a fourth stimulus check a long shot.

The American Rescue Plan, which contained the third stimulus check, was overwhelmingly approved by both parties. Republicans were adamant about not spending more than $1.9 trillion, though some did approve the third payment. They dubbed the plan a "blue state bailout," arguing that it went well beyond COVID-19's scope and would raise the deficit, causing inflation.

The measure was passed in the Senate by the Democrats through a process called reconciliation. Budget-related issues can now be decided by a simple majority rather than the filibuster-proof 60 votes, as per CBS Local.

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