Bill Clinton was rushed to the University of California, Irvine Medical Center after suffering from an infection on Thursday night.

His spokesperson, Angela Urena, released a statement confirming that Clinton is on the mend and that he is also in good spirits.

Urena also said that Clinton would remain at the hospital for continuous monitoring even though his white blood cell count is already trending down, and he's also responding well to antibiotics.

"The California-based medical team has been in constant communication with the president's New York-based medical team, including his cardiologist. We hope to have him go home soon," the spokesperson said via Huffington Post.

Bill Clinton may check out of the hospital this week

CNN stressed that Clinton's recent health scare does not have anything to do with COVID-19 or his heart. Instead, he suffered from a blood infection.

If the ex-POTUS continues to respond well to antibiotics, he could be released on Friday, Oct. 15. He will continue to mend his health at the comfort in the home that he shares with his wife.

The publication also revealed what Clinton's doctors said about his health condition. They reportedly said that urologic infections are prevalent in older people, but they can be treated easily.

Clinton's health scare began on Tuesday after attending an event. Two days later, he decided to check himself into a hospital for close monitoring and observation.

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Bill Clinton's history of health problems

This is not the former president's first health scare. In 2004, he underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery. Six years later, he had two stents inserted to open one artery.

In 2005, Clinton's surgeons successfully removed fluid and scar tissue from his chest cavity. The cleaning-up complications were a result of his bypass operation six months earlier.

According to NBC News, the complications that Clinton suffered at the time were considered rare. And they occurred after scar tissue developed due to the fluid buildup and inflammation, resulting in the compression and collapse of the lower lobe of Clinton's left lung.

His surgeon, Dr. Joshua Sonett, said that Clinton's lungs were very healthy after the operation.

Bill Clinton is a vegan

Clinton's heart problems encouraged the ex-POTUS to become vegan.

According to reports, he has long struggled with his love for greasy and fatty foods. Even though he jogged regularly, he would usually make a pitstop at a nearby McDonald's along the way.

Following his heart bypass surgery, his wife, Hillary Clinton, asked the White House chefs to replace their French dishes with salads, according to NPR.

With the advice from physician Dean Ornish, Clinton learned the importance of eating healthy.

Other than his recent health scare, Clinton has also made headlines amid claims that he could run for president in the 2024 election.

However, his wife didn't confirm or deny anything when she talked about the upcoming presidential elections during a recent interview.

Instead, Hillary acknowledged that Donald Trump could very well be the Republicans' presidential prospect in 2024.

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