The residents of Weston Hall discover a 300-year-old drawing by decorative artist Tiepolo that has been forgotten until now. After examining the three-century-old artwork values at £250,000, worth a king's ransom.

Drawn by the Italian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, the value has grown after being hidden and discovered by the residence owners close to Towcester, Northamptonshire.

The Sitwells, the owner of this country house, came across the drawing when the family was clearing out the attic recently.

Country house owner discovers 300-year-old drawing in attic

No expected to find the three-century-old drawing in the attic, which has been close for 300 hundred years until last month, with an estimate worth £150,000 to £250,000, reported the Express UK.

The work by Tiepolo came from the 17th century, which found its way to the county home and was stored unnoticed until now, brought to the light of day and delight to those familiar with the Italian artist's style.

According to Henrietta Sitwell, who is the current resident in the old country house, the valuable drawing was bought by her great uncle Osbert Sitwell during the great Henry Oppenheimer sale in 1936, at Christie's, noted Jaun News.

She added that it lay forgotten and left in the attic all those years after her relative bought it. If they had not been sorting the attic of the Weston country house, it would still sit there gaining dust.

Sorting the attic, the residents discovered the 300-year-old drawing by decorative artist Tiepolo in bubble wrap leaning against the wall.

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She added that the artwork was noticeable and seemed unique since Henrietta took up art history at the university.

The Tiepolo drawing is only one of the eye-catching discoveries in the old attic of Weston Hall, where the work of the old master was hidden and found so it can be seen again by art lovers and connoisseurs of good art today.

More details about Tiepolo's drawing

The character Punchinello is drawn on paper, which is depicted with hooked noses, and humpbacked clowns inspired by the Commedia dell Arte, Brink Wire reports.

Tiepolo is among the Old Masters during the period of art he was active. Some of his contemporaries are Giambattista Pittoni, Canaletto, Giovan Battista Piazzetta, Giuseppe Maria Crespi and others who became noted for their style.

The clown Punchinello has captured the artists' interest throughout the Italian painter's career as depicted in the clown.

Images drawn by Tiepolo depict the clown as gluttonous, setting food, eating ravenously, sipping wine, and getting so wasted and drunk. Later, the clowns would be seen as suffering from overeating.

Joe Robinson, head of House Sales and Private Collections at Drewatts auctions, remarked the find of the drawing by Tiepolo is the highlight of the auction to be held. He added that it would be on the auction block for the 1st time after 80 years.

Walking through the Weston attic is like a tomb in Egypt, as the dust uncovers secrets like the rare 300-year-old drawing by decorative artist Tiepolo.

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