Stealthy and silent Chinese nuclear-powered submarines stalking the Indo-Pacific could unleash nuclear Armageddon from the intercontinental ballistic missile ICBMS stored in its distinctive humpback. China, like America, has a nuclear deterrent from crossing the nuclear threshold, which is very pronounced in recent events.

China has unleashed its Type 094 Jin-class submersibles

Just one missile from the 12 ICBMS is enough for mutually assured destruction (MAD) if one hits the US mainland with numerous casualties.

The Type 094 Jin-class sub has been reportedly upgraded to attack the enemies of China, especially the US. In any conflict, China will use them for an advantage. As China probes and pushes the Republic of Taiwan, which wants to declare independence, as lead Xi Jinping is vowing the island will be subject to reunification in time, reported the Sun UK.

If the US forces commit to Taipei's defense, the result feared by analysts is a step to a Third World War.

The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is taking contingencies into account but deploying its Jin-missile submarines in the pacific as ensuring to take out as many US mainland cities as they can. With its total load unleashed, only one of the PLAN Type-094 can cause countless deaths and devastated cities.

The Chinese navy's missile capabilities

Nuclear-powered Jin-type subs can be armed with JL-3 Big Wave long-range missiles, with a limit of 7,500 miles, with the continental US within range.

They are powered by nuke reactors that are dangerously capable of unlimited range all over oceans, such as the danger if silent Chinese nuclear-powered submarines move close to the US shores on both coastal waters.

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Experts like French author Eric Genevelle, former US submarine sonar tech Richard W. Stirn think the Type-094 has added upgrades, like the Hull and improved sonar array, cited Eminetra.

Beijing does not want the west to know the exact number of ICBM submersibles are deployed, so the actual designation is not revealed.

According to speculation that has not been verified, there are six Type-094s sailing in the ocean, although the exact number is hidden. Compared to the secrecy of the far east, the west, including the US and UK, has declared the number of submarines they possess. However, China does not follow that.

One of the methods noted by the report is the submarines are using misleading ID numbers, like editing photos released by the government, for instance, painting all four subs are all '409'. The CCP seems to be adopting this policy of confusing and misleading the west to keep them on their toes.

Type 094 Jin-class is too noisy to be detected

Authors of the report have said the Type-094 might be loud enough to be detected to alert US coastal defenses.

Another argument is why the Chinese should risk getting too close to be better protected from retaliation by firing in home waters.

Zhou Chenming, from Yuan Wang military science and technology institute in Beijing, is a researcher who stated that upgrading is an ordinary process, not for use against the US.

He added from building and to the last step, commissioning a submarine will last for eight years, during which time electronic components are improving, noted South China Morning Post. Afterwhich, silent Chinese nuclear-powered submarines will be the tip of the spear.

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