Fake vaccination cards are reportedly being sold online in plain sight, using websites such as Craigslist. Searching for phrases like "vax" on Craigslist yields a number of offers for items like as roof racks and car parts. However, the pictures that are linked are of immunization cards.

12 News sent a text message to one phone inquiring about the advertised vaccine proof cards. The cards sell for $150 each, according to the person on the other end of the line. The individual also stated that they are "registered" with the CDC and that they would pass inspection.

However, the individual also asked personal information such as name and birth date. They even sent images of what seemed to be vaccination cards. There is no such thing as a CDC database.

Fake COVID-19 vaccination card on the rise

The federal government does not keep track of COVID-19 or other types of vaccines. Some states have digital vaccine monitoring systems at varying levels of development, but there is no centralized database.

Check Point Research, a cybersecurity company, recently went on the lookout for fake vaccination card dealers on the Dark Web. They soon discovered that they didn't need to look in the shadows.

On more respectable sites, the sellers were coming out in the open. Linder said demand soared when President Joe Biden announced a vaccination mandate for firms with more than 100 employees.

Customs and Border Protection agents in Memphis, Tennessee, recently made an uncommon but increasingly regular seizure: a box containing fake COVID-19 vaccine cards smuggled from China.

In Memphis alone, more than 120 such shipments containing hundreds of fake cards with errors and misspelled phrases had been confiscated this year. As more cities, music venues, colleges, and businesses demand vaccinations, more unvaccinated people are reconsidering and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

On the other side, some people have decided to break the law by obtaining fake vaccination cards. As the main legal authorities of our respective states, we want all of our people to realize that selling or using fake vaccination cards is unlawful and can result in penalties or jail time.

Per USA Today, state attorneys general are in charge of implementing consumer protection laws across the country. False and misleading marketing and sales of fake COVID-19 vaccination cards certainly violate consumer protection laws in several states, but they also endanger people's health.

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How to get proof of vaccination if COVID-19 vaccine card is lost

It may appear tempting to buy a card and fill in the information yourself, but the alternatives listed above are preferable than breaching the law. For starters, counterfeit vaccination cards may be rather expensive.

Most significantly, it is unlawful to acquire a fake vaccination card to fill out your information. You should not utilize a government seal without authorization. And both buyers and sellers are defrauding each other.

Even if you've received the vaccination, buying a fake card is considered fraud and is punishable by penalties and maybe jail time. US Customs and Border Protection frequently reports capturing thousands of fake vaccination cards around the country.

The offense is punished by up to five years in prison or a fine. So it's a good reminder to do everything you can to get your vaccination proof the proper manner. Some jurisdictions, such as California, Hawaii, New York, and Oregon, allow you to generate a digital version of your immunization card that you can see on your phone.

You might also be able to use the CDC's v-safe app. You could be in luck if you signed up for it when you initially got the shot. The app saves your vaccination information, making it easier to recover if the white card is misplaced or worn.

It is feasible to obtain your proof of vaccination, and there are a few options to choose. But, before you lose your card, there are a few options for storing it on your phone, including a clear photo of your card.

The CommonHealth app is available for Samsung users, as per . Google offers a solution for Android phones. We'll keep you updated when new options for properly storing your vaccination card become available, as well as the latest on the prospect of vaccine passports.

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