Lost Dutchman's gold mine is legendary and surrounded by too many unanswered questions that have led many people to quest for gold riches but never returned. The story of the almost cursed mine had never stopped treasure hunters or those looking for a good mystery to go out and find its truth.

Gold and treasure is a mix that has drawn anyone looking for it to risk the odds, but it is almost death for questers of the gold. Many of the stories are either truth or fiction, as stories over the years get a makeover.

When gold hunting in the Superstitious Mountains leads to imminent death

The lost gold mine in question has been legendary to its believers who have sought it out over the past 150 years in the treacherous Superstitious Mountains in Arizona, reported the Daily Star.

The latest treasure hunter is Bellhop Jesse Capen, 35 like the rest were ensnared in the legend. He went after gold and disregarded the dangers, which may have paid the ultimate price. He reported he went after seeking on the lost mine when he's in free time.

Deciding to set off searching the fabled mine in the Superstition Mountains close to Phoenix, Arizona, it was the last seen of him. Capen found no trace until his corpse was seen three years later in a crevice, way up 35-feet on a cliff.

After the death and disappearance of Jesse Capen, three more eccentric nut jobs were after the legendary golden loot of the 'Lost Dutchman's gold mine,' cited the Denver Post. They, too, disappeared with no signs where they were.

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Search for the missing treasure hunters went on for 19 days with no clues, especially the fierce desert heat would make short work of them too. The corpses were found six months later, three more to the body count in the Superstition Mountains.

Most fatalities never even consider the terrain of rough and steep cliffs that will be deadly for lost treasure hunters. The weather is fierce summer heat and chilling winters so cold. The mountains where the lost gold mine is where death awaits for the less prepared.

Authorities now ban the search for the mine, and any gold found becomes state property to end the deaths. But there are still those searching and dying to own the fabled gold.

Initial discoverers killed by Apache Indians 

Going back to 150 years where it all started, one of the stories is that in 1850 the Peraltas Mexican mining family found a rich gold mine, although Apache Indians slew them to keep the secret.

Another tale is that Dr. Thorne helped a wounded Apache chief and was brought blindfolded to the same place found by the Peralta's. Thorne was asked to get all the gold he could bring out, got out alive, though.

Same as the slain Peraltas, several German prospectors found the Apache mine and attacked. One survived, and the rest were killed by the Indian but made a map of reaching the gold mine.

Most of the tales are arguably truth or fantasy, but in 1891, a German immigrant Jacob Waltz, the 'Dutchman,' claimed he found the mine. He disclosed the proof of his discovery on his deathbed, and there was gold ore hidden under his bed, noted AZ State Parks. He managed to draw the map to get to what would be called the 'Lost Dutchman's gold mine.' The intervening years were claims and other connections to the treasure that is still not found today.

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