After several Democrats flout vaccine protocols, a San Francisco mayor goes out without a mask where it is required.  

Another case of rules for the Democrats and one for the masses was the same case with Governor Gavin Newsom, both belonging to the ruling party. Members of the party flouting protocols included former President Barrack Obama in a big bash, without masks. Throughout the pandemic, the Democrats have criticized everyone else but themselves for the infractions.

Mayor Breed Calls out the Fun Police

San Francisco Mayor London Breed called out her critics when at a club where she was seen dancing maskless while it is mandated in the city, reported Sun UK.

She added that mask mandates are not needed to tell anyone what to do and  the fun police should not decide anything. She denied that any violation was committed, but the footage speaks for itself. At one point, she tried to change the narrative with an interview, reacting to her video at the Black Cat Club in San Francisco while enjoying a rare live show by the Oakland-based R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! on Thursday night, citing Twitter.

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Routine COVID-19 tests, Proof of Vaccination Assurance Enough for Mayor

Mayor Breed claimed while at the party that she was sipping her cocktail and just forgot about the mask and was enjoying the music. She emphasized that her drink was on the table.

Feeling the beat, she got up and danced on the floor, as it was the atmosphere. Mayor Breed told a local paper on that night with her was the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, and singer Raphael Saadiq for clarification. 

San Francisco Mayor Breed further said that routine tests for COVID-19 are regular for her, as all the patrons of the club need proof of vaccination. It assured her that she would not be infected, but mask mandates say everyone must wear masks in enclosed areas, including those vaccinated.

On September 10, San Francisco's mandate was renewed, stating that wearing a mask is required when indoors and at a public place, at all times, which includes vaccinated people. Additional conditions include removing face masks while actively eating or drinking, which clearly was not the activities Breed was indulged in.

Since November, strict health restrictions have been in place when Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught dining at a fancy restaurant. The next day Breed was in the same restaurant also, after the California governor was subject to recall later, noted the SF Chronicle.

SF Mayor Criticized on Social Media

The San Francisco mayor partying with no mask got many negative comments on social media and criticized her perceived political elitism that exempts the Democrats. One tweet by Joshua New remarked how they were tyrannical with one set of rules for them and others.

Mayor Breed, a Democrat and political elitist, goes without a mask, and she dismisses the accusations she shirked city rules when the White House pushes mask mandates.

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