The People's Republic of China has unveiled a new technology that threatens the West with a Hypersonic wind tunnel that can help the CCP make faster missiles. It comes as Beijing is obsessed with developing more cutting-edge technology than the US military and supplant it in the future.

The development of this high-tech device allows testing of models that reaches a blinding 30 times the supersonic speed. In the hope, it will tip the favor to China over the US.

Wholly developed and assembled in China that will exceed other countries. Beijing already has hypersonic missiles, but this technology is an incredible upgrade to boot.

China in the race for hyper-speed with the world's fastest wind tunnel

An advanced facility called JF-22 in the Huairou district in Beijing will put it in the forefront of hypersonic research applied to a new generation of weapons, reported the Express UK.

Han Guilai, a fellow in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said this gives two to three decades lead on this new technology compared to the West. America and Russia are racing to develop hyper-fast missiles with several warheads that will hit targets with precision.

Like an ICBM, it will go into space at least Mach 5, faster than the speed of sound, then hurtling into the atmosphere, and destroying its targets correctly. Getting the speed wind tunnel allows the PLA to develop missiles and airframes for ultra-hypersonic speed flight. This capability might bring it head-to-head with the US with 6th generation fighters.

The SCMP said that the tunnel could simulate an impossible Mach 30, which is incredible speed. A capability that threatens the West with Hypersonic wind tunnels to forward their technology.

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Concorde is a supersonic plane that could fly Mach 2 when going from London to NYC.

This advanced wind tunnel uses chemical explosions to produce a high-speed wind stream rather than mechanical compressors, noted the Daily MailA stream will be making solid shockwaves and pressures compared to the ends of missiles and hypersonic weapons. Han said the condition is similar to flying in a puddle of mud, with all the resistance.

When it Hitting supersonic speeds will bake the surfaces of a plane that is as hot as temperatures of 10,000C (18,032F), the bond of molecules will break.

Professor Han added that the air is different by then, not breathable. The flying vehicle is slowed down like moving through mud.

One of the most extensive wind tunnels is in Mountain View, California, but it cannot recreate supersonic speeds. However, a similar research facility is found outside Buffalo, New York. Another more advanced facility is called the Large Energy National Shock tunnels (LENS), where NASA researches its spacecraft designs.

The JF-22 Wind Tunnel is advanced

Professor Han states that the equipment could put out 15 gigawatts, 70% of the Three Gorges Dam in Sichuan. 

Jiang Zonglin, head of the project, remarks that no weapon design has been done yet; instead, it will work on space aircraft design.

A Chinese has moved to space at low earth orbit and farther with the Tiangong Space Station and missions to the Moon and Mars insights. Also, moving ahead in supersonic-grade technology worries the US. Beijing threatens the West with a Hypersonic wind tunnel to test the fastest designs for missile technology that could be used for aircraft and space vehicles.

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