Elon Musk's SpaceX, along with a Canadian startup company, aims to launch satellites into space that will beam adverts that people on Earth could pay for using Dogecoin to acquire pixels.

SpaceX is partnering with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Candian startup company that provides technology services. The latter revealed the deal during an interview where it would make space advertising possible with the help of Musk's space company.

Space Advertisements

In a statement, Samuel Reid, the CEO and co-founder of GEC, said they are currently working on a prototype of a satellite, called a CubeSat. One of the satellite's sides will have a pixelated display screen where ads, logos, and art will be shown.

GEC officials plan to transport the CubeSat using one of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets, taking it into orbit, and releasing it before the rocket reaches the moon. Once the CubeSat is set up in orbit, a selfie stick attached to its side will film the display screen. The footage could then be used to Livestream on YouTube or Twitch for anyone who wishes to watch what's being shown on the satellite's screen, Business Insider reported.

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Reid said that there would be many companies that want to display their logo on the satellite in space. He noted that the space could also be used for more personal or artistic agendas. Reid jokingly said that Coca-cola and Pepsi might fight over priority in displaying their logo.

While complex, the process of purchasing advertising space on GEC's CubeSat is relatively interesting. Anyone will be allowed to buy a slot on the satellite ad as long as they are able to pay more than what someone else is bidding.

The company's CEO said they were aiming to democratize access to space and allow for decentralized participation. However, Reid said he hoped that no one would waste money on buying advertising space on something that is considered insulting or offensive, Futurism reported.

Buying Tokens with Dogecoin

Potential buyers will be able to purchase tokens to claim designated pixels on the satellite's display. Customers will also be able to select what the pixels would like and set how long the ads would run. There are five tokens up for grabs, Beta for the X coordinate, Rhoe for the Y coordinate, Gamma for the brightness, Kappa for the color, and XI for the amount of time.

Cryptocurrencies can also be used to purchase any of the tokens on GEC's CubeSat. The company also said it hoped to provide a channel for Dogecoin to be used in the future. While Reid said he was not allowed to disclose how much each CubeSat token would cost once it is fully running, many believe the cost would be astronomical given the amount of time, effort, and money spent just to get the display in space, to begin with. When asked, SpaceX and GEC did not immediately respond for comments on the matter and their joint endeavor, Gizmodo reported.

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