Jodi Arias announced last week that she was taking a Twitter hiatus, and would be handing off her account to somebody else.

"I'm going radio-silent soon," Arias, who was found guilty of killing ex-lover Travis Alexander, posted on Jan. 30. "After today, I'm not going to tweet for a while. It's temporary, but probably long-term."

The 33-year-old then detailed plans to turn over the control of her handle to another, unspecified person.

"This account will remain active," she wrote. "I'm thinking of giving control 2 someone else. Hopefully, they'll tweet updates & cont. the quote trend, but that will be @ their discretion. Whoever takes over this acct. 4 the time being will NOT be representing my views, opinions, philosophies, beliefs or creeds - but their own. Signing off..."

Arias, who still awaits the sentencing portion of her trial, often used her Twitter account to promote fundraising efforts, including the sale of original artwork and "Jodi Arias Support Wristbands," which are going for $25 a pop.

"To raise funds for appellate costs, wristbands (or 'Jodibands' as many people are calling them), are being sold at," she wrote on her personal website last month.

Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder after she shot former lover Alexander in the head, slit his throat, and stabbed him multiple times in his Phoenix, Ariz. Home.

A jury failed to agree on a sentencing for Arias, who currently faces either natural life in prison with no parole option, or death.