There's only two weeks left until AMC's "The Walking Dead" returns. Since part A of Season 4 ended in December, our Sunday nights hasn't been the same. Thankfully, there have been plenty of "Walking Dead" scoops and spoilers to fill that void and creator Robert Kirkman recently dropped some more hints about the remaining eight episodes.

Kirkman attended the Amazing Arizona Comicon to discuss what's in store for the zombie apocalypse show, reports.

On baby Judith's fate:

"There was a bloody car seat there. Maybe she's dead. Maybe she's not. We'll have to see. Maybe somebody rescued her, and they had like a nosebleed. They were like 'Oh, my god, I'm ruining this car seat. I really need to take this with me, but ok, never mind. I hope Rick doesn't see this. He's going to think something terrible happened.' That's not what happened. We'll find out February 9th."

Even though Kirkman didn't give any solid information on whether the baby survived the prison attack, at least viewers won't have to wait all season to find out.

When will the group leave Georgia:

"Well, that would be a spoiler. But I will say they clearly leave Georgia at some point in the comic.... So they will possibly, eventually follow that storyline, but I can't say when. But I would say there's a good chance that may happen."

If Rick's friend Morgan will return:

"If he was, I couldn't say so, so I would probably give some sort of cagey answer. It's entirely possible that we haven't seen the last of Morgan. But there's always a possibility that we have. So you'll just have to tune in. We all love Lennie James though, so anytime we can get that guy back we try to do that."

If Negan will be added to the TV show:

"It's a question of when not if. We actually talk about that a bit in the writer's room as to when it would be appropriate to bring him in and what needs to happen in order to get to that point. Unless the show gets canceled abruptly very soon, you'll see Negan on the TV show."

For those not familiar with "The Walking Dead" comics, Negan is described as the "polar opposite of Rick." He's the leader of a dangerous group of survivors called "The Saviors." The group is ruthless and is known to kill and terrorize not only zombies but other humans.

In the comics, Negan's group and Rick's group run into each other and let's just say it's not pretty.

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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