Teen burglars killed an old woman committing heinous acts including assaulting her femininity and abusing her corpse by taking her organs, then feed it to her dogs.

 This act of extraordinary viciousness has shocked everyone for how it transcended. 

 According to reports, a group of teen burglars was responsible for the assault that was savage. They weren't satisfied and eviscerated the corpse by drawing out her organs which they fed to her dogs, The Sun.

The accused identified as Igor Ribeiro Nascimento, now 20, is sent to jail for 26 years and 5 months. He is the leader of the criminal gang in Brazil who killed the victim, Thelma Mendonca de Carvalho, on June 25, 2019 in the locality of Aparecida de Goiania.

He allegedly raped the 64 year old victim, along with his two accomplices who aided his crime willingly. He was not satisfied with what he did and proceeded to eviscerating the torso of the victim, and retrieving her heart. They feed it to the dogs soon after.

Not satisfied with their handiwork, they set her remains aflame. Last, they burgled her house and its contents.

The murderous suspect was with equally evil cohorts, a teen boy and girl who were 15 at the commission of the crime. 

 Allegedly they met at one place and proceeded to the house of their intended victim. The two boys climbed the walls and broke in first.

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Gaining entry, the two attacked Thelma and threw her into a locked room. Inside they had their way with the helpless woman.

While abusing the victim physically, the girl was their lookout while they were busy inside. She went in and helped burgle the house and valuables.

Theft turns to ruthless murder

 The victim got the gag off her and tried to scream for help. She was stopped from alarming anyone. 

 Expecting a huge haul, they just found two cheap mobiles. Now, they wanted to torture the terrified victim more.

A simple theft turned into unspeakable terror and fear into murder. Reports say that they stabbed Thelma in the belly and slashed her wrist in a horrific attack.

The leader, Nascimento, butchered her one side of the chest intentionally. He tore out her heart with a lung part. Sadistically, they fed it to her pet dogs.

Covering the body with a sheet to conceal the crime and burned the corpse. By adding wood, they hoped to cover the stench of burning flesh.

They burned the corpse and charred it, to be sure they dug a hole in the bathroom and hide it there. 

 Taking with them mobile phones and retrieved the large LCD TV, fridge, and a duvet too.

Dogs were constantly barking which the neighbors took as unusual and decided to do something. Her daughter went and saw the nightmarish crime scene, cited Portal Dia Online.

 In June 2019, Nascimento was nabbed by the cops and tried to deny it. His cohorts confessed when arrested by police.

 He was sentenced on zoom, on September 22 for torturing and killing Thelma Mendonca de Carvalho.

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