Because of the ongoing pandemic ravaging the world, many industries have stopped operating. The virus's negative impact is affecting sports, tourism, dining, and even entertainment industries.

However, the book sector seems to have been unaffected by the crisis as the industry continues to publish new titles every week.

Non-fictional books have many benefits; they help you understand the world and the people around you, open the public's eyes, and inspire discussion among individuals. Here is a list of the must-read non-fictional books of 2020.

You're Not Listening by Kate Murphy

The book and the audiobook of "You're Not Listening" are available on Amazon. The author, Kate Murphy, explains that her book is about how listening became a lost art in the world of literature.

Since most people start their day by opening their mobile phones first thing in the morning, they seem to be surrounded by unending distractions that affect their attention span.

Kate Murphy shares the different anecdotes of several of the world's leaders to prove her point that devoting your undivided attention towards the person you are speaking with creates an instant bond. She also lists down tips on how to properly converse with others by learning to listen to them more closely.

A Nurse's Story by Louise Curtis

This book tackles the real life of a frontliner during the coronavirus pandemic. Louise Curtis is a newly qualified clinical practitioner who loves her job in a busy A&E department as a nurse during a time when the pandemic hit the world with a bang.

"A Nurse's Story" shared the A&E staff's life when the flood of COVID-19 patients started to be rushed into the hospital. This inspiring and moving writing sheds light and gives hope to the dedicated NHS staff during these trying times. You can buy the book at Amazon, Hive, Book Depository, Foyles, etc.

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Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker

Robert Kolker made an excellent and mind-blowing story that you will surely love if you're a crime fanatic.

The Galvins may seem like a typical family that lives in Colorado. But this family of 14 has actually dealt with patterns of abuse and psychological breakdowns.

Six out of the 12 children in the Galvins family have schizophrenia, which is why the family became a science experiment that aimed to figure out the cause of the disease. Hidden Valley Road is available on Amazon.

Sex, Robots, & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman

Jenny Kleeman asks a simple question - are we about to change what it means to be human forever. Her book rotates about finding solutions to problems that both defined and limited the human body.

The author shares her curiosity about what could happen if a person can eat meat without having to kill innocent animals, what if they can choose the time of their painless death, and have the perfect sensual relationship without compromise.

And in this book, Jenny Kleeman herself interviewed a sex robot, ate lab-grown chicken and nuggets, and attended meetings where people learned how to kill themselves just to find answers to her questions.

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