Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres made her return to daytime television on September 14. The studio was filled with virtual audience.

Ellen talked about the slew of allegations that came up this summer, and she talked about being a work in progress.

Ellen's back

The pilot episode for season 18 was her chance to redeem herself in the eyes of the public, her advertisers and her employees. However, the majority of the public did not welcome her with open arms.

According to Buzzfeed News, current and former employees of The Ellen Show found her apology insulting. One former employee told Buzzfeed that Ellen turned their traumas into a joke and she somehow managed to make the whole thing about her.

A current employee told Buzzfeed News that while Ellen's apology was tactical, neither top producers nor DeGeneres have communicated a clear outline for the new season of The Ellen Show.

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The current employee said that the average person would listen to it and make their own choices, but what people don't always take into account is that information is power and that she is sharing it now because it is for premiere week and it is to get viewers back. The employee added that the whole thing is the opposite of what the message is about.

Ellen's opening monologue for the start of season 18 was riddled with jokes, most of which made light of the serious allegations such as sexual harassment and racist abuse into self-deprecating workplace humor.

Former employees of Ellen, who claim that they were the victims of the abuse, agree of the observation. One former employee told Buzzfeed that it is not appropriate to have jokes in the monologue when talking about victims of abuse and sexual misconduct.

Failed monologue

In Ellen's monologue, she fixated on articles in the press and on social media and added that she is not who she appears to be on TV because she became known as the "be kind" lady.

However, a former employee points out to Buzzfeed News that the title was not handed to Ellen, she bestowed it on herself and ran with a marketing strategy that was not true behind the scenes.

Another former employee notes that after Warner Bros. investigated the claims and asked staffers to tell them all of the things that happened to them, they felt like there is no closure to the wounds that the investigation reopened.

Ellen claimed, near the end of her monologue, that she wants to be an escape for people again, the hour where people can go to get away from all the chaos, strife and hurt in the world right now.

But there is still no resolution for the victims of The Ellen Show despite firing the producers who were accused of sexual misconduct and racism.

All eyes are on Ellen again, and although the first episode of the show records the highest rating ever on the show, it is still not enough proof that the public has forgiven her nor the public has accepted her back to their TV screens.

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