A tabloid's cover story claims to have the scoop about Duchess Kate Middleton warning Prince Harry of Meghan Markle's lies.

The tabloid also claims to have read the diary of the duchess who allegedly expressed her ill feelings toward Markle through writing.

Secret diary?

The article is different from the cover story of the tabloid. According to New Idea, Kate Middleton is still devastated over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving for America.

The article claims that Middleton is now set to share her most private thoughts with her brother-in-law in the hope it will make him see sense. Those private thoughts come in the form of Middleton's private journal, which she has kept since she joined the royal family.

Middleton's journal is her "form of therapy" and allegedly helps her to walk away from conflict. The journal prevents her from arguing with Markle or venting publicly.

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In this journal, the tabloid claims that "nothing is off-limits" and that the duchess has written about her broken relationship with Markle and how she feels about being portrayed as the villain.

The article concludes by stating that it would be a nightmare if the journal were to be lost or fall into the wrong hands.

The truth

According to the site Gossip Cop, the photo of the journal that was attached to the article of New Idea is bogus. It is also not clear if it really is filled with "state secrets."

Next to the words "diary proof" is a picture of Middleton looking at a book. The picture is from when Middleton and Prince William signed a book of condolences for victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting.

The said "diary" is a tribute to mass shooting victims, so it is not true that it is her personal journal, and the title is misleading and done in poor taste.

New Idea is known for its false stories and headlines that are exaggerated for clickbait. A photo of Middleton talking to Prince Harry with the caption "Meghan is lying to you!" proves that the tabloid wants its readers to believe that there is something dramatic going on when there isn't.

Also, even though the title states that Middleton is keeping a diary, the article itself did not even talk about it. There were no "secrets" revealed about what she allegedly wrote on her diary pertaining to Markle and Prince Harry. It is also impossible that a tabloid knows what is inside the journal of the duchess.

New Idea has no insight into Middleton's personal life. It promised an "exclusive interview" with the Duchess of Cambridge, but it failed to deliver.

The tabloid claims that Middleton and Markle are not in good terms because Middleton legally controlled who baby Archie could marry. The same tabloid also claims that she is pregnant and may announce it soon, but it never happened.

The story is a bait and switch without any concrete proof to back its claim that the duchess has a private diary filled with secrets. There was also no reliable source cited.

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