Washington, DC - According to a report, United States President Donald Trump shared to Melania that he might not see her again before attempting to visit the Hermit State of Kim Jong-un in 2017.

Based on the reports of the South Korean state-run Yonhap News Agency and detailed by the new book Rage of Bob Woodward, the United States president was concerned about the idea of whether the leaders of North Korea knew his travel and he Trump also kissed his wife goodbye before leaving her for the said trip.

The people who aboard the Marine One helicopter are witnesses at that time, as the president shared that when he got up this morning, he told Melania and kissed her goodbye as he might not see her again, The Sun reported.

Trump also added during his conversation with Melania, that if something was going to happen to the United States' president, it will be the worst thing that could happen to US as a country in history.

Due to the heavy fog and bad weather during that time, the pilot was forced to turn around the Marine One helicopter and ultimately aborted the trip.

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After the trip abortion, Trump asked his colleagues if the North Koreans know that he is coming.

Vincent Brooks, a retired general and the then serving commander of Unites States Forces Korea shared to the president that no intelligence indicated North Korea knew about the planned visit.

According to Daily Mail, the unscheduled trip was a part of a 12-day trip in Asia but the time of his travel was not ideal as it is at during the height of tense exchanges between the United States president and Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

Aside from the US president, the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in also intended to accompany Trump on his trip which would have been the first joint visit to the Hermit state by presidents of both the US and South Korea.

Despite the doubts, if it will ever be happening, in June of 2019, Donald Trump became the first-ever sitting American president to set foot in the Hermit state in order to meet the nation's leader Kim Jong-un in the DMZ.

The North Korean leader stated to Trump during their first meeting that he never expected to meet the US president in the place.

Woodward also mentioned in his book that he was able to obtain 27 exchanged letters between Kim and Trump.

The book author also reported in his book that the Hermit state leader shared with US President Donald Trump that he thought former President Barack Obama was "an a**hole."

Mr. Trump also recounted to Woodward in an interview that the dictator shared to him that he displayed the head of General Jang Song-thaek, his own uncle after he was killed by a firing squad after the orders of the North Korean leader.

Even before its release, the book of Woodward has already stirred up controversy and created a buzz and set to be released on Tuesday.

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