To become a beauty blogger, you don't have to be a perfectly shaped model, having flawless skin and facial features. The world is diverse, and there are always lots of people of your facial type who want to see the makeup that will suit them exactly. But there are still some technical rules that are always important to make your beauty Youtube blog unforgettable and extremely exciting to watch. Let's see how to create the perfect background for showing off your makeup skills! 

Lighting is essential

You might see that the same person with the same makeup may look dramatically different under the different light. Harsh or soft, warm or cold, bright or dim - the light sets the stage. The great light may eat up the big part of your budget, but it is still worth it. If your budget is extremely tight, there are lots of DIY videos of making the stage light from an average lamp and semi-opaque screen that creates an even smooth light. Several times a day, even the simple direct light from the window may be perfect for creating a stunning makeup video. Of course, ring light or other, simpler lights for creating videos will give you more freedom both in time when you are making your videos and in the place where you are making them. But if you can't buy them right now, here are some tips for lighting your scene:

If you are using window light, face it straight so that it will be even. Use morning or evening light; it is softer and gives your skin a more pleasant shade, but avoid the time when the sun is shining directly into your window. Be careful and avoid the shadow from your camera on your face.

If you are using a DIY ring light, try to place your camera either inside the ring or behind it. While professional lights have tripods or handlers for cameras, you'd have to adjust your camera by yourself in your situation. Sometimes even duct tape works great; just try anything that may do. You only need to fix it for one video!

Think about placing a soft backlight behind your back, so you won't appear flat against your background. The camera perceives the picture differently from our eyes, so to enhance the depth of your video, add more lighting sources.

Organize your instruments

You aren't only showing your skills: your makeup table is a mini stage where everything should be ready and properly shown. Think about pretty containers for your makeup that will allow you to both have everything you need close and create an atmosphere. Don't put more than you need for this exact video there: the audience wants to clearly understand what each item is for. Remember that you are teaching them creating great makeup, and treating their instruments properly at the same time!

Set up a proper background

You are making a whole short film, so think about the background of it. A plain wall may be a bit too boring, your average room may be too distracting, and a studio may be too expensive to pay for. Think about the place that won't distract the audience from the main star and still will be interesting enough to have a short look at. It may be fabric, some interesting wallpapers or just your garden behind you. You may even use different backgrounds for different makeup styles!

You may also use in-built filters to create any background you want to. Blur it to make you stand out, cover it with flowers or landscapes - just don't make it too bright, because the focus still has to be on your face. Also, think about the color palette of the background: it is best to make it compliment your skin tone and your makeup colors.

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Make yourself sound good

Not only are people watching you, but they are also listening to you! Usually, the camera makers focus on the visual component, but to make the sound equally good, you have to apply some magic. You may adjust the settings of your camera thoroughly, use third-party apps, making your sound get better right while you stream (like dynamic filters and masks in streaming apps but for sound instead of a picture) or just buy a good external microphone.

Also, make sure that the microphone (whatever it is) captures your voice and not the background noise or some random sounds (we don't say a word about making streams in a quiet place because it's obvious). If you aren't going live, you may improve your sound later with editing apps such as Audacity.

Making beauty vlogs is a fun and rewarding experience! Enjoy it with these simple rules and grow your audience as fast as possible, because nothing will stand between your talent and their admiration!