Ghislaine Maxwell has been charged on July 2, 2020, for allegedly assisting Jeffrey Epstein in recruiting and sexually exploiting young girls as young as 14 years old, has been a top target of conspiracy theorists.

Last year, Epstein committed suicide while being imprisoned in a New York jail, as revealed by the official autopsy. But after his death, several conspiracy theorists alleged that the billionaire financier did not commit suicide rather was killed because of the damaging information he had about some of the most influential people around the world.

Recently, several Facebook posts have been circulating with the names of both political and public figures being connected with sexual misconduct accusations charged against them. There are allegations that the list of names represented an unsealed file that was maintained by Ghislaine Maxwell, known as the long-time partner of billionaire financier Epstein.

One of the most widespread Facebook post, which has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, started remarking that the list of Maxwell has been unsealed. It stated that this happened while everyone was being distracted on purpose by the coronavirus pandemic. It also added that it showed the connection with Epstein all throughout the years, while some versions of the posts were misspelling Maxwell's first name.

The list includes the names of well-known men, such as Joe Morrisey, Virginia State Senator; Jared Fogle discharged spokesman of Subway as; and Roman Polanski, film director. The cases included on the list were not connected with one another or even with Epstein's case. Rather, it showed a list of most powerful men who have been charged or convicted of sexual assault.

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In July 2019, Epstein was detained for charges on sexual-trafficking and while waiting for his trial he committed suicide. The billionaire financier who was previously convicted sex offender was charged with trafficking girls to be taken advantage of by some of the most influential people worldwide. Maxwell, who is known to be Epstein's ex-girlfriend, has been apprehended in July 2020 for related charges; as claimed by prosecutors she assisted Epstein in sexually abusing minors.

Since both Epstein and Maxwell are linked with the elites of both political and celebrity industries, their actions have been the subject of public interest and hearsay.

A federal judge has previously publicized sealed court documents from a defamation suit charged against Maxwell that was filed by Virginia Giuffre, Epstein's accuser. Included in the documents were transcripts from a deposition in 2016 given by Giuffre. But the disclosed documents that were uploaded from the records of the federal court's database PACER and were posted online by Law & Crime, a legal news website. It do not include the list of names posted on Facebook. Thus, the fact-checking site has tagged the post as "False."

Several lists associated with the case of Epstein must be noted, which includes the list of people who have ridden on the billionaire financier's private plane, and as well as those listed on his "black book" director. However, these lists have been unconcealed much earlier than the most recent documents in court were unsealed.

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