In a White House press brief, the President stated as a matter of factly that Russia and China does not want him reelected. He said that China wants Joe Biden to win so they can jostle America under Democrats who did not lift a finger when protests broke out.

If Biden wins, China will dominate America and have their home-grown American proxy. This was Trump's answer to questions about other nations' interference when November comes, reported the Daily Mail.

Stressing that if China does make a deal with Biden as the POTUS, he will not have the best interests of America. Through Biden, China will undo everything the US has done to challenge its wrongdoings.

On the allegations that Russia is helping to attack Biden to help Trump's campaign, he said that it would be better with Biden, and Russia will find it easier with the Democrat winning, The New York Times.

The President mentioned that NATO members should spend more on their defense, not depend solely on America. He stated that he is against the Russian oil pipeline to Germany, the Nord Stream 2. Warnings of possible sanctions to stop its construction.

U.S. intelligence on Friday gave a heads up that Russia, China, and Iran are keen on making sure Biden wins if Russia gets its way. But China is keen on taking out Trump and discredit him to voters.

According to sources, the Russians want to give Biden a difficult time before he could accept the nomination for presidential candidate.

The report from Bill Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence Security Center alleged that Russians trolls were able to hack Democratic emails during 2016, cited Trends Wide.

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He added that Russia was actively interfering with the ex-VP because he is anti-Russian. Evanina has suddenly taken a 360 turn and are included to the three nations. The reason of such sudden change of tact is not determined.

From President's action, U.S. intel has speculated that with a second term with Trump in the White House. China is willing to bet on Biden to make it easier to achieve their agenda and keep Trump out of the Oval Office.

The tirades of the Trump administration against China's trading practices degraded into a trade war. Another is the coronavirus caused by China and became a worldwide pandemic that is affecting the world grossly. The term china virus got an angry reaction from Beijing, noted Washington Post.

The president cited China when the alleged Russian meddling in U.S. affairs during 2016 happened. One point he calls Biden a willing tool of China. Doubts were cast in May when backpedaled about the Chinese influence on the American economy.

Biden says that it is doubtful that China will interfere in U.S. economic affairs like they do where the CCP has influence.

Evanina said the recent intel on the November elections, trims down China, Russia, and Iran who have their agendas that affect their countries. But China seems keen on Biden in particular.

China's bane is Trump, who is a loose cannon and does not want another Trump term. Reports said that to spearhead the downfall of Trump, the communists are courting willing individuals to shape U.S. officials and control U.S. policy as favorable to Beijing.

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