OHIO - Recent controversial statements between Latino and Black communities can be linked back and blamed to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden's recent controversial comments according to a Republican from Ohio.

On Thursday, a pre-recorded interview of Biden suggesting that Blacks were a less 'incredibly diverse' community compared to Latinos. In addition, backs were more likely to vote as a bloc on elections instead of choosing independent-minded pick at the polls gained numerous reactions including from African-American conservative activist Ken Blackwell. Blackwell served as mayor of Cincinnati and also Ohio state treasurer.

The 72-year-old Blackwell, who served as the Mayor of Cincinnati from 1979-1980, Ohio secretary of state from 1999-2007, snd Ohio state treasurer from 1994-1999 replied his argument in a video posted on social media regarding Biden's view, Fox News reported.

In his reply, Blackwell shared that Individuality, free will, fashioned in the image of God, these concepts also apply to Black people.

He also added that Joe Biden definitely does not believe that these notions exist and does not believe that blacks have an individual conscience as well, having free will, not humanoids, and definitely not just products of group-thinking.

The 72-year-old, Blackwell emphasized that they are fashioned in the image of God and think and act according to their conscience.

Aside from his experience in the government office, Blackwell also served as a contributor to Fox News.

He then suggested that Biden's views expressed in his public interview on Thursday are a long-held but flawed belief even way back his vice-presidential days.

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Blackwell also concluded that the racist concepts of Joe Biden continue to flow starting from his history going to his statements.

The interview was aired in both the National Association of Hispanic Journalists or NAHJ and NABJ or the National Association of Black Journalists wherein Biden contrasted both of the stations' representing communities.

In his interview, Biden claimed that unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community displays incredibly different attitudes about various things and it is a very diverse community, reported The New York Times.

While speaking virtually to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials conference afterwards, Biden made the same remarks and vowed that if he will be elected, his administration will establish the full diversity of the nation, especially the Latino communities.

Biden also explained why he likes a fully diverse Latino community as a follow-up. He mentioned that compared to other communities, the Laino community is from everywhere. From the tip of South America going to the border in Mexico down to the Caribbean, having different ethnicities and backgrounds but all are Latinos for Biden.

Due to the intriguing statement of Biden, President Donald Trump reacted stating that the comments of Biden are insulting the whole African-American community, but Biden clarified everything, stating that he does not mean that the African-American is a monolith and none of his comments directly impacts the Black community.

He also added that throughout his career he witnessed the diversity of thought, sentiment, a background within the African-American Community. It is their diversity that makes America a better place.

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