After allegations against the leaders of the NRA, New York Attorney General Letitia James made public that the state will seek the dissolution of the association in a lawsuit.

According to the New York AG last Thursday, leaders used the funds of the association that should have been kept in trust.

These individuals willfully channeled millions that were not legal because it was not their money. As a result, the National Rifle Association lost millions, reported CNBC.

Based on the lawsuit that was forwarded, the senior leaders of the organization used the money on such expenses as trips, private jets, and really expensive meals in top restaurants. Their incompetence caused the loss of approximately 64 million dollars in thirty-six months, according to the suit filed against them.

The filing of the suit was in New York county at New York State Supreme Court. A press brief held by GA James who said that the NRA is where greed, misuse, and illegal activities are rampant.

She is asking the courts to dissolve the National Rifle Association and demand all their executives guilty of malversation and pay all the mony in full, no less. Charged in the suit are the four executives, who were unnamed) as of this reporting. Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre said that he was not fit to chair any charity in NY, cited the New York Times.

 As an organization, the NRA has exerted much influence over national affairs for a long time. Practices by their executives have been unchecked while profits were channeled to their own pockets. GA James added that it has been untouchable and that is why it needs to be ended. No organization should ever wield that much power and influence ever again.

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The suit filed against the organization is about civil anomalies, not criminal or any violations. Though New York also said that if the investigation discovers felonies, it will be immediately forwarded to the Manhattan district attorney.

Last Thursday, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine said that they were suing the NRA Foundation, which allowed the illegal transfer of funds. Irregular use of the funds, and transfers that were kept under the table, outline the shady activities of the organization.

NRA president Carolyn Meadows, who responded to the suit and the charges against the NRA, said that it was an attack on their organization, noted NBC News.

Meadows added that the events of the investigation are primed to reach its highest point in the 2020 elections moved to its climax. She blasted the move as a way to get political mileage and paint the National Rifle Association that is against the left, which is ruining America.

The suit against the state and gun rights organization has been lon-running since it existed in New York from 1871.

GA James is a Democrat, who threatened to probe the gun associations designation as a non-profit organization, said that during her campaign in 2018, she compared the NRA to terrorists.

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