A deranged man who allegedly live-streamed the aftermath of his mother's shooting on Facebook was captured during her final moments.

Jeffrey Antonio Langford, 24, shot a video saying that his mother had committed suicide. The video was streamed in Facebook where he filmed his mother breathing before expiring, cited Global News.

During the live stream, Langford appeared stressed telling everyone that his mom shot herself. He had blood splattered all over his face while saying something on the camera. Its like he was describing the final moments of 45-year-old Graciela Laura Holker. She was seen to be slumping over in the video, slowly dying with her son looking at her, reported Oxygen.

Her son in the video said she is barely alive while sobbing on camera. He remarked that he won't rot in jail or get jailed on the captured footage.

The police arrested Langsford booked on the suspicion that he murdered his mum. Other charges that the accused got was hindering justice with a lethal weapon.He was also drunk or taking drug. Overall, he was deranged and not in command of his better senses.

He was supposed to commit suicide, but his mother died instead.

On Saturday, an acquaintance of the accused, told the police of what might have happened. She said that the accused would be killing himself soon. When the police arrived, they got him into custody. When he was outside of the apartment, some of the investigators went inside and found her corpse.

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Investigators noticed the red and brown substance that was on his face and clothes. It had the same properties with blood.

Interrogation of a mama's boy

The accused was questioned by investigators about the case. He said that his mother was drinking and took 18 Klonopin, which was taken by epileptics. Another claim about the blood was that before pointing a gun and pulling the trigger, she slit her throat.

 According to the probable cause document, Mrs. Holker slit her throat with a knife on the left side of the neck. Then finished herself off with three rounds to the head.

Her son, then put his dead mother's head on the pillow, with the rosary beads placed on the neck. Lastly, he prayed over her as she died, according to his statement.

The account of events was not the same where the killing happened and when he gave his version of the events. There were too many inconsistencies and his alibies were too frayed. He even said that he was never in the apartment when shots fired.

One reason why it took time to call 911 is that he was afraid, and shot the entire footage as an odd call for help. All he said never fit and was contradictory according to investigators.

Holker's corpse was in between a couch and a small coffee table in the living room. The gun was held righty, which manifest murder, not suicide. A suicide note was left to causing more suspicion about the suicide claim.

The accused who live-streamed the aftermath of his mothers' shooting, admitted he killed her. But he seemed to forget other details of the incident.

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