One of the oddest complaints of coronavirus patients is that they are suffering from long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms that are lingering for months. It indicates a puzzling condition that pre-exists that had many researchers confused.

An estimated number of 4 million COVID-19 patients in the United States are complaining of long-lasting COVID-19 symptoms including fatigue and breathing problems which result in mental turmoil lasting for months.

How lasting symptoms plague COVID-19 survivors

These health conditions are not making it easy for patients, who are sometimes doubted by their families, friends, superintendents at work, and even physicians too. According to USA Today, lasting and persistent COVID-19 symptoms have led not only to physical suffering, but to mental unrest as well.

Experts identify them as 'long haulers,' as termed by the New York City's Mount Sinai hospital that established the first post-COVID-19 treatment facility in the US.

In a study done on 143 patients in Italy this month, according to the JAMA Network, about 87% of coronavirus survivors experience something peculiar even after they tested negative. They reported that patients are experiencing fatigue and difficulties in breathing.

According to Natalie Lambert, an Indiana University associate research professor, about 1100 responses investigated in the poll showed concerning post-COVID-19 symptoms. The subjects are 81,000 members of a Facebook Survivor corps, with half of them having one of six symptoms. Many of the Facebook group members had fatigue and hard breathing complaints as well.

One of the bothersome symptoms for 'long haulers' are their physical weakness. Most cannot resume physical exercise and concentrating can be hard for them. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those listed COVID-19 symptoms are yet to be considered as something serious.

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'Long hauler' patient describes persisting effects of coronavirus

One of them is Karyn Bishof, who is afflicted by lingering COVID symptoms. On Saturday, the suffering Florida resident has reached the 133rd day of experiencing symptoms including excessive thirst, overheating with no fever, rash, sleep apnea, chest pain and tinnitus, cough, chronic fatigue, heart palpitations, reflux, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, rapid hot flashes, joint paint, full-body itchiness, tremors, mild fever, dry mouth, chest heaviness, and other symptoms. 

Bishop began a poll amongst the survivors to see if there were patients COVID-19 'long haulers' who are also going through the same situation. About 1,500 said they are long haulers as well, and added that most were having symptoms that persisted for more than ninety days straight.

The creator of the group, Diana Berrent, says that half or more are better and have tested negative but are still having these bothersome COVID-19 symptoms.

Lambert stressed that these patients are being doubted, especially with claims of mental side effects. Most doctors dismiss it and just account the symptoms to stress/ As many as 40% of those who polled said their doctors were mostly dismissive of their complaints.

While some doctors do not take this seriously, Dr. Maja Artandi understands the suffering of COVID-19 'long haulers.'

She is the medical director of an outpatient COVID-19 clinic connected to Stanford University hospital, who has kept an open mind to this lingering COVID-19 symptoms. She acknowledged that there is a valid reason for all these complaints, but added that it might be due to the inflammation, which eventually heals itself over time. 

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