United States' top infectious diseases expert and coronavirus advisor of the White House, Dr. Anthony Fauci cautioned America's youth that COVID-19 is not something to be taken lightly and that by ignoring the danger it poses, they could fuel the pandemic.

On Thursday, Fauci talked to Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook, and said that young people should start to take responsibility not only for themselves but as well as for the society. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director emphasized that when these young people do not tread carefully and get infected it is not only themselves that they put in danger but the society.

The NIAID director also stated that while he understands that young people would like to enjoy their youth by going to bars, there is a huge chance that if some of those people get to interact with carrying the virus without showing symptoms, the virus will be passed to others. Thus, he urged them to take responsibility and look at the bigger picture.

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COVID-19 cases in young people increased

According to CNBC, Fauci's comments came after state health authorities announced that the majority of those who ignore the social distancing protocols are young people. Thus, they also have a higher population of cases. He also added that the average age of new COVID-19 patients in the US dropped by 15 years since the onset of the pandemic.

In addition, last month Vice President Mike Pence also warned about the growing cases of COVID-19 in the younger demographic. He stated that most new cases in the country, particularly in Texas and Florida were those who were under 35 years old.

Moreover, Fauci has also warned last month that more complications with COVID-19 are being seen by medical professionals and infectious diseases specialists.

During the early days of the pandemic in the US, research data suggested that young people were safer from the coronavirus compared to the elderly population and those which underlying conditions. However, Fauci contradicted the statement and said that it is wrong to believe that young people will be facing no consequences of the virus. Fauci's statement is now supported by data stating that young people are now getting infected.

In a report by Bloomberg, Fauci also stated that the wide range of symptoms in COVID-19 is something he has never seen in a single virus before.

Fauci, who has been director of NIAID for more than three decades and has been working under six Us presidents has been criticized for the response to the pandemic. Even US President Donald Trump has recently been critical of Fauci.

However, despite the pressure and criticism, Fauci stated that he has not once thought of leaving his post as director of the NIAID, especially during a global health crisis. He stated that the problem that the world is facing now is far more important than any talks of quitting. He also said that he is doing his job and will keep doing it until the pandemic if officially under control.

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