With the breathing patterns different when one is awake as compared to when he is sleeping, this also causes levels of oxygen to be different during those times.

The body's oxygen levels are usually lower than when one is asleep since the lung spaced do not exert their full capacity when a person is not breathing as deeply, according to the Journal of Respiratory Care. In some cases, the oxygen levels drop very are very severe that it results in serious health problems and even sometimes become fatal. This is the reason why some people use oxygen masks while sleeping. But is it really advisable to do so? Does it really help with your oxygen levels or even cause more harm?

Here are some of the facts that one should know before deciding to go to bed with an oxygen mask.

Is sleeping with oxygen advisable for everyone?

No. Contrary to the popular belief it is not advisable that everyone wears oxygen masks while asleep. There are only certain cases when one is advised to do so especially in certain health problems where the oxygen levels drop or one experiences hypoxemia.

According to Mayo Clinic, people with COPD, Interstitial lung disease, Sleep Apnea, Pneumonia, anemia, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and Congenital Heart Disease are those who usually experience hypoxemia. These people are the ones who are usually recommended to use oxygen masks or intake oxygen while sleeping since their blood oxygen levels usually drop to 88% while sleeping.

In addition, not correctly using oxygen may cause adverse side effects to the body. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, very high concentrations of oxygen for a long period of time can also cause oxygen concentrations in the body. This is why it is advised that one always seeks the advice of medical professionals before doing so.

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What are the Benefits of Sleeping with Oxygen?

Meanwhile, if used correctly, sleeping with oxygen or wearing oxygen masks for supplemental therapy can bring about several benefits in one's health.

Based on studies, those who use supplemental oxygen at night experience better sleep than they used to. This is because the falling levels of oxygen may cause disruption in one's sleep. It is also noted that the mood of some people who use oxygen at night improve since they actually feel better upon waking up.

In addition, it also increases one's productivity since it helps you rest better at night, giving you more energy for your day job.

Is Supplemental Oxygen Therapy the Only Way to Increase Oxygen Levels at night?

No. Although using oxygen tanks or masks helps with oxygen levels at night, it is always better to do it the natural way if possible. Experts have advised that people should exercise more often in order to improve the function of their respiratory system. This is because exercise increases the lung capacity of a person and improves the saturation of oxygen even when asleep.

Aside from exercise, it is also advised that people should not drink alcohol before bed since it causes the throat muscles to over-relax and it may cause airways to collapse. Some have also advised sleeping on one's side since it helps prevent the weight of the body from pushing down on the lungs.

While it can have benefits, it is always better to seek professional help or advice before making the decision to use oxygen masks while sleeping.

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