Astronomers have a glimpse of the most mind-numbing cosmic discoveries by science. Out in the cosmos is the spectacular South Pole Wall at 1.4 Billion Light-Years across.

Inside this galactic expanse is a new frontier of countless galaxies that are inside the wall. These 3-D maps reveal the universe in all dimensions and a conceivable predictive model, reported Live Science.

This galactic body has been concealed behind the Milky Way galaxy. It is larger compared to the previously discovered Sloan Great Wall which is only the sixth most expansive in the cosmos. When saying what the distance is, and it will be mind-numbing numbers with a light year at 6 trillion miles.

One observation by astronomers is randomness does not apply to the scattering of galaxies. Instead, all clumps of matter that are spread out in a cosmic web. It's attached to slivers of hydrogen gas that are all around largely empty voids, cited The Latest News.

Cosmology is the science of deciphering these cosmic threads or another term which is the cartography of the universe. This is according to Daniel Pomarede, a cosmographer at Paris-Saclay University in France, who told Live Science.

Other researches in cosmographic charts are the estimated mass of galactic clumps like the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall which is a mind-numbing at 10 billion light-years across. An equivalent of a tenth of the mass and distance of the current universe.

In 2014, the Laniakea supercluster that is close to our own milky was detected. The Laniakea supercluster measures 520 million light-years in width with 100 million billion suns.

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A sector of the cosmos is a reference to the Zone of Galactic Obscuration to make a new map with newly-created sky surveys. It is not easy to see this part of the southern sky as the brightly lit Milky Way blurs out details. All these details and what is behind it with what surrounds this sector of interstellar space.

 One way for cosmologists to measure distance is in the universe is redshift. By definition, it is how far any object will move away from the earth. As any object rushing away from the earth, then it looks like it moves away at top speed. Edwin Hubble observed this in 1929 and has been proven ever since.

 To measure the relative velocity of particular galaxies they used another method. It was done by measuring the redshift and the estimated motion of galaxies is that their gravity controls their velocity as they move, mentioned Forbes.

Detecting masses that are concealed can be detected by this means, with galactic velocities and dark matter. Dark matter is the unseen force in the visible universe that exerts gravity on the cosmic filaments. Scientists were able to get a model of the Zone of Galactic Obscuration the result can be seen in the July 9 Astrophysical Journal.

The result is a cluster of matter in the southern most sector of the cosmos from the north of constellation Cetus and the constellation Apus.

Neta Bahcall, a astrophysicist at Princeton University in New Jersey says they help in examining the cosmos. There are more to these voids in the Southern Pole Wall, what connects these then?

Knowing how the universe looks on such large scales helps confirm our current cosmological models.

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