The police arrest an Ohio man for abusing a corpse of a young woman that he allegedly found hanging in his basement. He later got a box cutter and severed all her fingers, then razored off all the tattoos on the body. When done the body was stuffed into a metal drum.

According to the Butler County coroner's office, the body of 21-year-old Cecily Cornett of Somerville was discovered inside a barrel at the residence of William Slaton, 35, located at Yankee Road in Middletown, reported Daily Mail.

 When he was arrested with charges of child pornography conviction, and was alleged to have thrown the body of Cornett over another fence, just when officers arrived, cited Dayton Daily News.

 Circumstances of Cornett's passing is yet to be investigated. Slaton has not been charged with murder yet.

 According to the officers who opened the barrel, there were already blowflies on the remains, confirmed Cincinnati Enquirer.

But Slaton was not off the hook because he was charged with tampering of evidence and not reporting a crime.

Court documents reveal that Slaton said he awoke one morning in June. He was heavy into drugs the night before when he found Cornett's body hung in his basement.

 He then cut off her fingers with a razor to skin off her tattoos in the basement.

Records mentioned that he put all the severed fingers with the skin in a bow which was sealed and left in the basement.

 When interviewed by the investigators, he revealed that the body was just in the cellar for a few days. Later, he stuffed the woman's remains in a metal drum in his backyard.

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An unnamed source who was also living in Slaton's home. That woman dialed a relative in Tennessee, who called the police who got tipped.

 The unknown caller told 911 that a person died of an overdose about three days ago, reporting the address at 3200 block of Yankee Road mentioning the body was on the premises, reports YC News.

Furthermore, the caller mentioned that the body was dumped into a large metal drum.

Slaton appeared in court on Wednesday and had a bond of $210,000. But, police told the suspect that he will be subject to other charges when the county coroner was done with the autopsy of Cornett's corpse.

 Marilyn Hardy Cornett, the mother of the deceased said on Facebook that she doubted that her daughter was even taking drugs and doubted the overdose claim.

 She wrote that the overdose rumors were lies. Her daughter was not connected to being a drug addict. She wrote in capitals and added references to Slaton, who defiled the body of her daughter. 

An investigation into the background of Slaton as a felon stretches back a decade, said sources.

Records in 2011 show that he was guilty of eight counts of child porn and engage in nudity with a minor involved. Included in the charge were four instances of child pornography.

He got seven years for six instances of child porn which he pleaded guilty too. Last May 2018, he got released.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy result of the victim's body. 

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