There's another "Batman Vs. Superman" rumor hitting the Internet and this one is stirring up a lot of trouble. Brazilian entertainment journalist, Ana Maria Bahiana, tweeted to her followers on Jan. 25 that Ben Affleck is no longer playing Batman in the sequel to "Man of Steel, Comic Book Movie reports.

Bahiana, who is also a member of the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood, told her followers to expect an official announcement by Warner Bros. in the next couple of months. Her tweet (see below) was written in Portuguese but was translated as: "I just know from a good source - Ben Affleck will NOT be Batman. Fan reaction was too strong. Official announcement in a few months."

Granted when Warner Bros. first announced that the 41-year-old actor would be playing the Caped Crusader the Internet exploded with negative comments and criticism but the studio has, so far, stuck by their casting decision. It seems unlikely that Warner Bros. would wait until now to remove Affleck from the role and recast to another actor. 

According to Bahiana, the studio pushed back the release date of the film to 2016 to give them more time to find Affleck's replacement. However, there has been reports that production for the movie has already started.

Deadline recently reported that "all the main players"  - which would include Affleck - "have been summoned to start work right away." The story went on to say that Affleck dropped out of directing "The Middle Man" for FOX so he could begin filming for "Batman Vs. Superman."

Bahiana was attacked on Twitter for her claims but she insists that she did not make up the rumor and in a couple months Affleck and Zack Snyder will have a "scheduling conflict" or their will be a "creative divergence" that would justify Affleck stepping away from the role.

She also said that her source hinted that Warner Bros. is considering two actors to replace Affleck - Josh Brolin and Michael Keaton. The  rumor has been a hot topic on Twitter and really seemed to upset Latino Review writer El Mayimbe. El Mayimbe extensively covers Batman related news and is usually among the first to announce Batman scoops.

On his Twitter he lashed out at Bahiana accusing her of lying to her readers.

"HILARIOUS! Dudes don't take ANYTHING any starf**er member of HFPA has to say. @JUDAOcombr tell that dude he's a *** & he's wrong," he tweeted.

Do you think the rumor is true? Could Warner Bros. replace Ben Affleck now because of initial fan reaction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.