On Tuesday, Dr Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert in the United States, announced his predictions that the US would record as many as 100,000 new coronavirus cases every day if the country does not take necessary steps to curb the spread of the disease.

A massive surge of daily cases

According to Daily Mail, the prediction of Fauci was made after the US recorded a surge of new coronavirus cases by 46% in the southern and western regions.

Within the last week, reported cases nearly doubled as 31 states across the country recorded a massive rise in cases, with Arizona becoming the new coronavirus hot spot that worked to reverse its reopening by shutting down bars and gyms once again.

The rise in the number of cases comes after more than a month from most states starting to reopen their economies.

Andrew Cuomo, the New York governor, also expanded on Tuesday the number of American citizens who must self-quarantine for at least 14 days if they plan on visiting the state.

The 16 states considered to be the worst-stricken by the coronavirus pandemic account for 48% of all the infections of US residents, as found in an analysis by USA Today, as reported by BBC.

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When Fauci testified to a Senate committee on the plans to reopen schools and businesses, the expert openly criticized the apparent lack of preparedness and thoroughness that are required for reopening which he said would result in the rise of cases.

Speaking to Senator Elizabeth Warren, Fauci said that while he cannot accurately predict the number of cases, he noted it would be devastating news. The expert's reasoning, he explains, is when an outbreak is plaguing some parts of a nation and other parts are doing well, it makes them more vulnerable to the spread.

Free face masks for all

Fauci previously called on the US government to manufacture face masks that could be distributed to all American citizens for free. He also shared his condemnation of the "all or none phenomenon" that is being practiced by some people who are entirely disregarding social distancing protocols and safety measures.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dr Robert Redfield, criticized American Airlines that have begun to market flights to fill their capacity which would result in social distancing impossible to be followed by the passengers.

The New York Times reported that Redfield was disappointed by the airlines when they announced the move, adding it does not convey the right message they would have hoped.

Contrary to what US President Donald Trump believed that the coronavirus pandemic would slowly fade away, the global crisis continues to get worse.

On Tuesday, the US announced it had recorded more than 46,000 new coronavirus cases across the nation, reaching a new peak for any day from the beginning of the pandemic. Several state officials also noted they reported single-day highs of new cases.

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