The amount of money you'd expect to see in the stimulus checks would depend on which payment plan or package is approved by Congress.

Second stimulus check coming?

According to Heavy, United States President Donald Trump confirmed the government is working on a second coronavirus stimulus package in an interview with Scripps' Joe St. George on June 22.

The conversation had George ask Trump whether or not they had any plans of sending a second stimulus check to the citizens of the United States. The US president answered that they have a second stimulus package in the works, noting it would be very generous and beneficial.

However, the amount of the second payment was still not revealed by Trump amid his public interest in the stimulus check.

However, Trump revealed more details regarding the next stimulus package that they are working on, including that it would be bipartisan and that the coming weeks will lead to its announcement.

The HEROES Act will give each family a maximum of $6,000 in stimulus payments if they have three dependents.

Those who earn up to $75,000 a year would receive $1,200 each. Couples who file jointly will receive $2,400 if they earn up to $150,000 a year. Each household would receive $1,200 for every dependent to a maximum of three.

The questions about the second stimulus check come at a time when the $600 in enhanced unemployment benefit is to end in a little over a month, as reported by CNET.

Other financial aids amid the coronavirus pandemic are also set to expire, such as the eviction stays while rent for the month of July is due in a matter of days.

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How possible would it be?

The possibility of a second stimulus check being passed by Congress depends on two major factors; the status of the economy if lawmakers determine that direct payments would be the best way to mitigate the effect of the global pandemic.

The term "second stimulus check" has been actively avoided by Congress and the White House whenever they mentioned a second stimulus package. However, what officials focused on were payroll tax cuts, tax holidays, and travel tax credits.

The conversations have shifted towards something else entirely as Trump and several cabinet members have mentioned specifically putting more money into further rescue bills for individuals.

President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have previously expressed their support for a second stimulus check. They noted that they were taking a serious look into giving Americans more direct payments amid the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by English AS.

However, Trump seems to be concentrating on a stimulus package and not a stimulus check to help the economy jump back. The president also seemed to be looking at supporting job growth instead of direct payments in recent weeks.

In a Republican lunch event held on Tuesday, Mnuchin repeated the president's focus on job employment and stating that they will be focusing on jobs and bringing back jobs to Americans to help revive the economy.

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