The whole nation was shocked when 45-year-old mom Angela Armstrong went missing a few weeks ago. Many people are eager to know if she's dead or alive, but this recent discovery finally shed light on what truly happened to her.

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the missing South Dakota woman has finally been found. According to Kelo News, Armstrong's body was found in a garage.

Her mysterious disappearance

According to Crime online, the last time anyone saw the missing South Dakota woman was at her Sioux Falls home. She was last seen alive at approximately midnight of June 3.

Angela Armstrong disappeared at around midnight on June 3 from her Sioux Falls residence. She was last seen driving a dark grey 2017 Chevy Traverse, with South Dakota license plate, 44ZW44.

The search for her SUV, where she was last seen alive, was futile. According to Sioux Falls Police Spokesperson Sam Clemens, at first, they could not find the vehicle in spite of their extensive search. 

Since June 3, police were baffled because there were no signs or trace of Armstrong anywhere. They are also looking out for clues whether she has been murdered or if her SUV has been dumped somewhere. Her body was only discovered when concerned citizens called the police.

Armstrong's badly decomposed body discovered

After almost a month-long search, the authorities finally located the whereabouts of Angela Armstrong.

When they found her corpse, it was in a garage lying next to her SUV, which the police tried to track in vain. Her body was alsready badly-decomposed that they needed further tests to confirm her identity.

As of now, police are still probing who she ended up in the least expected place, and also what caused her untimely death.

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The authorities were alerted to the grisly end of Armstrong. According to the person calling, there was a strong, foul odor coming from the garage.

Investigators in the case have told the press that the garage does not belong to the deceased woman, despite the fact that she lives nearby.

Clemens stated that while there are several garages near the apartment, they are not allowed to open any of them. He said that it was not easy to solve the case due to all the uncertainties. Another is the lack of information or leads to point in the right direction.

The investigators need the autopsy done on the deceased woman to know the circumstances of her death.

Observations of the authorities

Furthermore, Clemens mentioned that discovered corpse was first identified as Armstrong, based on the height and weight. In a statement released by Sioux Falls Police, he added that the detectives are conversing with the family of the victim and informed them of her demise. 

Clemens stated that the garage's owner is not identified, neither does it say if it was owned by the deceased woman, according to Knewz.

He also said that with her inside a garage, that will explain why her car was never located and why nobody reported seeing it.

Another mysterious fact is that no one knew about the garage, not even her loved ones. She could not have been discovered in the garage if it weren't for the report of the foul and reeking odor inside.

They are waiting for the coroner's results to find out how Angela Armstrong died, according to Argus Leader.

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