NEW YORK - Aside from the speculation that United States President Donald Trump is unwell in terms of his health, Trump now faces suspicion of having Parkinson's disease after footage of him struggling to walk down a ramp circulated online.

According to Mirror, after turning 74 just last Sunday, Trump delivered a speech in New York's West Point Military Academy wherein afterward he was caught struggling to walk down a ramp when he was leaving the stage.

The speculation got more intense when he used both of his hands just to lift a cup of water.

Trump shared in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that he is somehow disappointed for only getting publicity about struggling walking down a ramp and having Parkinson's after he stayed in the event for hours.

But the US President clarified that the suspect for his cautious walk is the leather-bottom shoes that he is wearing that time and he also added that he has to run down in the last ten feet.

On his Twitter account, Trump shared a detailed reason as to why he struggled walking down the ramp wherein he pointed out that after his commencement speech at West Point the ramp that he descended was very long and steep, having no handrail and especially very slippery.

He also mentioned that he had to run down in the final ten feet to the level ground because of momentum.

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Daily Mail also reported that the US President did not mention the shoe that he wore during his commencement speech but he offered during his interview that he could show it to the reporter.

Earlier this month, according to the results of Trump's physical tests, his health did not change over the past year.

The results also erased the speculation that Trump currently suffers the early stages of Alzheimer's where it was linked to the case of his father, Fred who suffered the said condition in the last six years of his life before dying at the age of 93 in 1999.

Sean Conley, the personal physician of Trump shared that the US President remains healthy.

According to Conley, the president's overall health remains steady as he is continuously being taken care of a multi-disciplinary care team whose in charge of assessing and promoting health and wellness to Trump so that he could perform his duties well in his presidency.

Health metrics released in the memo contains the resting heart rate, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure of the president.

Despite recommendations from Trump's doctors in 2018 that the president should slim down, currently, Trump's weight was a pound higher compared to his last physical examination wherein he weighed 244lbs.

In his interview, Trump emphasized that he is four years younger than his rival Joe Biden in terms of health.

He also pointed out that it is not because of Biden's age as he sighted people who are already in their 90s but still sharp and performing their mental's maximum potential.

The campaign of Trump previously branded his 77-year-old rival as "Sleepy Joe."

In 2016, Trump became the oldest person ever elected to the White House, but whoever wins the upcoming election in November will claim and set the title again.

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