There is evidence that the coronavirus can be cured by a low-dose steroid treatment dexamethasone that is relatively cheaper for those infected by the contagion.

Most treatments and therapy may cost a lot, but this drug comes cheap and is easily available for use, reported in BBC.

According to UK experts, this poses a breakthrough for most patients who are infected by the virus.

It is only one of the drugs that are under trial to see if it can prove effective when pitted against other drugs in the trials.

Some findings concluded that it will lessen the death of patients on ventilators, but those on oxygen will survive more, it helps lessens deaths by a fifth.

Regrettably, it was not used earlier for UK patients in the early part of the pandemic, about 5,000 would be alive by now, according to proponents of the treatment, mentioned in the New Scientist.

Deploying this low-cost drug in poorer nations with a high COVID-19 count will benefit them.

The UK government which has amassed a stockpile of dexamethasone to be given to patients for their treatment.

Boris Johnson added that this scientific achievement by British researchers is something to celebrate, adding that there should be more than sufficient supplies of the treatment in preparation for the second peak that may come anytime.

Prof. Chris Whitty, also punctuated that the treatment will be able to save more serious coronavirus patients.

Statistically, there will be 19 from 20 that can recover with home isolation.

Another is those who will be hospitalized will also recover, but a small number will be on oxygen or worse a ventilator machine.

Most high-risk patients who take dexamethasone will be a boost to their chances of survival.

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If there are inflammation and other conditions that include arthritis, asthma, and some skin conditions.

One of its effects is stopping the damage caused by a cytokine storm it hijacks the immune system to attack other healthy tissues.

This is one of the hallmarks when COVID-19 is geared to do it's worse, some will not survive.

In an Oxford University study, there were test subjects as many as 2,000 patients in hospitals given dexamethasone, compared to 4,000 not given the drug.

For most patients using ventilators, there will be 40% to 28% survival rate. If the patient needs oxygen, they will have 25% to 20% chances.

Chief investigator Prof. Peter Horby stated that dexamethasone is the only drug to lessen the death rate from the disease. It is showing and a major development as well, in an article in India.

One of the lead researchers, Prof. Martin Landray stated that all the data in the study does point to these valid conclusions.

He added that for eight intubated patients, about 20-25 patients need oxygen, there will be a definite benefit.

The total cost of a 10-day treatment with dexamethasone, that is a total of £5 per patient. It will take £35 to save a life.

It will be the given treatment if needed by the patient, commented Prof Landray. He warned to never self-medicate.

Dexamethasone is a cheaper drug that helps with breathing, and more cost-effective per treatment.

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