VERMONT - After taking a silent retreat in March for two-and-a-half months, a man in the United States who ended up disconnecting from the outside world now tweeted and asked if he missed anything.

The man who spent 75 days disconnected is Daniel Thorson, a Monastic Academy staff member.

During those 75 days, Thorson spent the entire duration of his days sleeping, eating, walking, and meditating while being in silence as he was isolated at the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the Monastic Academy wherein he decided all of the retreats before the global health crisis had taken thousands of lives in the United States.

According to Times Now, during an interview, Thorson shared that his isolation includes a lot of experience, he even emphasized that it is so rich after being completely disconnected from the news cycle.

He also added that during his silent retreat, there is no information coming in, aside from his teacher inside the Academy, he would speak to no one and he would meet his mentor for five or ten minutes every other day.

During his sessions with his teacher, he stated that they usually share life experiences but in case that there is anything bad that happened in his family or friends, Thorson will be notified and have an option to come out of his retreat, luckily, none of these happen.

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While being isolated inside the Monastic Academy, Thorson could feel that what is happening outside was something not right, he shared that he senses fear there, especially by late March.

After being logged out for 75 days on his Twitter account, Thorson's first tweet after his retreat is a question if what did he miss from the whole time he is isolated.

 The Sun reproted that Thorson's tweet received lots of replies, and all of it points to the cause of the global health crisis, the COVID-19. Most netizens commented on their individual mini-retreats while following the quarantine measures. While others are asking if what it is like to be disconnected with all of the COVID-19-related news.

One Twitter user welcomed Thorson and asked him if how did he process all of the weirdness that blasted since the time of his retreat for the user is not the only one wondering about it.

While others are asking about the exact location of the Monastic Academy as they emphasized that we really need a 75-day breather from 2020.

Thorson shared that he had been totally impressed with the other aspects of life that have changed as he did not predict it or even expected. He even stated that he has never lived through a pandemic before so he does not have any idea.

In his other tweet, Thorson posted that people at the grocery store are more anxious as far as he can remember.

It seems that not unlike Thorson, the world also its own retreat from the normal due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic. Economies were on a pause, travel was restricted, and people have been trapped inside their homes.

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