It seems bald men are now probable victims of serious COVID-19 symptoms, some studies show.

Balding is usually one of the least desired outcomes for men, but studies indicate that COVID-19 might be a concern, reported The Telegraph.

In the US, Dr. Frank Gabrin who was bald, died from the COVID-19. The condition was then called Gabrin sign. Most probably, baldness might be a factor when afflicted by COVID-19 and it is assumed as a link to the disease but this is still awaiting confirmation.

According to Professor Carlos Wambier of Brown University, the main lead of the study, baldness may be a sign of getting COVID-19 with severe results, reported Lokmat.

It has been noted in the data from the start of the Wuhan Outbreak that quite a number of males would succumb to the coronavirus. But in the UK, a report from Public Health England has cited finding that show working-aged men, will have two times more possibilities of dying from COVID-19.

Why is this happening to men? It could be the indulgences that men have like smoking. Though one idea is that androgens are a cause for hair loss and are boosters for coronavirus to attack the host cells.

Now, with this in mind, some researchers are thinking of using treatments for balding and also prostate cancer. It might be able to stop the progression of the coronavirus, giving the individual more time to combat the contagion.

Professor Ambier added that it might point to a definite possibility that androgens are critical to increased chances for men to get the worst brunt of the coronavirus.

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Baldness cure give hope

The problem with seeking a cure for the coronavirus is the uncertainty of its release. Since it might take longer to acquire a medicine or vaccine for COVID-19, doctors are looking into alternatives like anti-hair loss which might help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

In the US, there might be trials that involve drugs for baldness, Matthew Rettig is doing these trials that will involve 200 veterans who are all using prostate cancer drugs in the trials.

The Studies conducted

A study conducted said that 79% of male patients at three Madrid hospitals with COVID-19 are all bald. Of 122 patients, in a study cited Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, a Spanish hospital with 41 patients has about 71% bald white men, from aged 31 to 53%. These same researchers found a link to women losing their hair.

Scientists are trying to prove the link between baldness and COVID-19, but Howard Soule who is connected to the Prostate Cancer Foundation told Science Magazine that androgens and COVID-19 are getting noticed now.

Androgens based on what prostate cancer specialists say that it will increase hormones to hasten any cancer. Last April, a study in the journal Cell made a connection with enzyme TMPRSS2 that had something to do with coronavirus infections.

Coronaviruses will attack the cell wall with a spike protein, and the enzyme TMPRSS2 will enable it to infiltrate the cell membrane and begin taking over, confirmed by Science Direct.

Scientists will need to verify the enzymes that will react the same way, as the androgens located in the lungs, and the prostate, it is still sketchy and needs more proofs.

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