Americans are in a panic over the coronavirus that they are drinking bleach and using it on food to prevent the COVID-19 infection.

This is the current situation as fear of the COVID-19 is rampant and anything in media is taken as truth without bothering to verify it, according to Stat News.

In an attempt to keep the coronavirus at bay, Americans are risking their health with dangerous uses of home disinfectants and cleaners that are poisonous.

It gets worse when some individuals are using bleach on bare skin, even inhaling the chemical into their lungs, washing food with it, and the worst is ingesting it to kill the virus.

These products have disclaimers on how not to use them but it seems that people are ignoring these warnings, this was announced by health officials last Friday.

Health experts expressed caution never to use the household chemicals this way.

The findings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wanted to learn more about the unsafe use of home cleaning products. Results of the survey that was conducted online with a total number of 502 adults were asked a certain question about home cleaning products. It was revealed that 39% had intentionally misused these products, and ¼ of the respondents said that an ill effect was a result of misuse, confirmed by CDC.

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They bleached food

Some got creative with eliminating the coronavirus, there were 19% of them that admitted to cleaning their food with bleach, another 18% even used unsafe home cleaners on their skin intentionally, 10% were guilty of using disinfectants in a spray can to douse themselves, a small 6% were uninformed enough to inhale the fumes into their lungs. Lastly 4% of those people went on a limb by drinking bleaches, soap and water, and disinfectant, reported by Live Science.

What the CDC thinks

Researchers of the CDC studied such ill-advised use of home cleaners. The CDC stated that these solutions can damage tissue and are corrosives that will cause serious harm to the one taking them. The CDC added that these actions are not beneficial at all. There is a line between safe and unsafe, which these people are crossing dangerously.

The public must be aware that there is an effective and safe way to deal with preventing coronavirus infection.

It is advised that the remark of President Trump about injecting disinfectants at a press conference is not accurate, since it will not kill the coronavirus. The remarks sent a flurry of messages that disinfectants and cleaners are not to be drunk, inhaled, and even injected by anyone because it will not work. Later the president said the remark was to fool reporters, according to the New York Times.

Next, the CDC had a survey done, to know if people are advised on proper disinfectant storage in conjunction with the cleansing of surfaces to kill the virus and stop its spread. Also, there were incidences of emergency calls about exposure to home cleansers, asking for help.

From the survey, it was evident no one knows how to use cleaning products or how to store them.

Those where the results and it clear how ill-advised some individuals are when trying to avoid COVID-19.

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