A gruesome sight welcomed the scenery at a forest west of Munich after they found severed body parts of an ape, more than a week ago.

However, recent reports say that the truth behind the remains being left behind is likely less heinous than the speculations that have been going around.

According to Inquirer.net, a cleanly cut hand and foot of a mammal complete with hair, nails, and skin was found by a dog owned by a forester in the Bavarian town of Grafrath. This then stemmed into theories suggesting that the government is covertly conducting coronavirus experiments on monkeys. Many speculated that the hand and foot of the ape were supposed to be disposed of to rid of any evidence.

After examining the body parts of the mammal, authorities were able to confirm that it was from a chimpanzee. Moreover, experts stated that based on their analysis it showed that the remains have been preserved possibly using formaldehyde or any chemicals used to preserve scientific specimens.

In addition, a spokesperson from the police of the nearby Fuerstenfeldbruck stated that the body parts that were discovered were older than suspected. He also said that people should not be worried that an ape was killed in the area last week.

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However, Alkhaleej Today also reported that it still remains unknown how the severed body parts of the chimp ended up in the forest. Yet they noted that in case the offender that left the body parts was caught the offense is more administrative than criminal.

What is clear is that the animal may be a subject of an experiment that has been preserved long before the search for COVID-19 began.

COVID-19 Conspiracy theories

With the continued increase of COVID-19 worldwide, so did the number of conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic. With the rise of another one regarding the severed body parts of the chimpanzee it is not impossible that more theories will still rise.

One of the most bizarre theories is the one claiming that the coronavirus can be transmitted through 5G networks or that 5G networks weaken the immune system causing people to be more vulnerable to the disease. The said theory has led to people attempting to destroy and set 5G towers in the United Kingdom on fire, according to CNet.

Another theory that is until now the topic of major discussions is the possibility that SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 leaked from a laboratory and spread in Wuhan. This came about due to the fact that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is near the seafood market where the first cases reportedly emerged. This theory has been the topic of a heated feud between the US and China with the latter insisting that the virus was not cooked up in their laboratory neither did it accidentally leak.

The novel coronavirus has killed more than 375,000 worldwide and has infected more than 6 million. Aside from this many economies have been crippled by the pandemic, thus the search for its origin, cure, and the vaccine is becoming a global race. And with continued discoveries and breakthroughs, many conspiracy theories also continue to come about. Thus, health experts along with government officials have cautioned against believing these theories and advised people t be more vigilant.

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