The US is preparing itself for a deluge in the form of the coronavirus second-wave, giving pharmas a nudge to have more than enough flu vaccines ready by then.

All these vaccine doses should be ready by October when coronavirus will exponentially climb as the second wave hits, confirmed Reuters.

According to CVS Health Corp, the expected coming of seasonal influenza for the increased demand for these vaccine shots are considered vital with the second-wave coming to the US.

The expectation of consumer demand has prompted companies to stock up on these vaccines, some of them are Rite Aid Corp which is getting 40% of the usual vaccine. Other companies like Walmart, Walgreens Boots Alliance are all seeing the increased demand for them, as these shots will be needed.

Nasdaq confirmed that drug companies increasing production for increasing demand, as needed. Vaccines made by CSL Ltd's has mentioned that a 10% increase in demand has been registered by customers, GlaxoSmithKline which has added more doses to have more than enough for all customers.

All over the market, many Pharmas had an increase in the stock market due to increased demand for the flu vaccine.

From the 13th to the 19th of May, Reuter got a consensus that almost 60% of adults in the US are getting a shot in the fall, which is more than the less than half of citizens in the US having the vaccine. A recent bulletin from the US CDC indicates this is needed for 6-months and up.

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The Discussion

Do more get a flu shot because it will help to negate COVID-19? That is a fallacy and there is no cure from COVID-19. Vacciens can't even prevent coronavirus. But, health officials have encouraged vaccinations as vital to prevent flu and COVID-19 patients mingling in hospitals.

A quote from the New York Times, mentions Dr. William Schaffner from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, wherein he said that incidences of COVID-19 and flu will be expected during fall and winter. Although compared to the later, the flu is curable.

In 2019, most drug companies were able to produce about 170 million shot of vaccine for influenza, based on the CDC. Record from last year shows a significant number of hospitalization and death during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to the CDC.

Cost of the flu shot

Expenses for these shots are courtesy of health insurance, but some are free from vaccine clinics, the typical cost for a vaccine for adults is $40 average.

Production of these vaccines has an annual income at $5 billion from the Bernstein Firm with the US adding an extra $ 75 million from these drug companies.

More expenses expected this winter

A CDC expert Robert Redfield said that a dual assault of the flu and COVID-19 is expected to affect the US worse than the outbreaks beginning winter.

Some sector says that ways to give everyone a flu shot is needed, from the fear of contracting COVID-19 from hospitals and a doctor's office.

In Sound Health and Lasting Wealth, Dr Nancy Messonnier said that alternative is needed by flu shot companies to help with dispensing flu shots like drive-up clinics which is the same thing done with COVID testing now.

Messonnier stated in an interview that her goal is to get everyone vaccinated, without any vaccines left on the shelves.

To prevent mixing up COVID-19 case and simple flu, getting more flu vaccine is needed to lessen confusion for doctors.

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