In North Korea, a meeting was held to go over policies of nuclear war deterrence, headed by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un mentioned by North Korean state media on Sunday, May 24.

This was the most recent appearance by the North Korean leader in 21 days, coming after the US announcement to conduct a nuclear test that has not been done in a long time.

According to the KCNA of North Korea, officials of the Central Military Commission were intent on drafting needed policies, to strengthen the efficacy of nuclear war deterrence better, not giving out any more details.

Part of the agenda discussed is the crucial measures that will improve the firepower of most artillery pieces, belonging to the army of North Korea. It bolsters their offensive capacity that is present now.

One salient point is putting the "strategic armed forces" to be stationed on a high alert to improve the state and condition of the armed forces of North Korea.

When and where the meeting was convened was not revealed, though several communiques from the KNCA reported that there was an order signed by the North Korean leader on May 23.

Twenty days have passed since Kim Jong Un was seen by the general public, he emerged from a long three-week absence which became a catalyst for speculations about his health.

In circulation was a photo courtesy of the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper on Sunday with the North Korean leader using a pointing stick in a presentation for officers in the North Korean military.

One impression from the photos is that everyone in the meeting, even Kim Jong Un were not wearing masks without considering the danger of transmissions.

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Throughout the outbreak, North Korea states that there is no single case of the coronavirus, reported by the state.

A review and analysis were done that examined the drawbacks of all military and political activities, and what improvements were to be done by the establishment, said sources.

Where in the world is Kim?

Speculations ran amuck as the press had a field day, giving wild theories why he did not appear in nationally relevant gatherings and the founder's birthday, all guessing if he was dead or alive.

Until his public appearance in a factory inauguration last May, right after his disappearance and reports of being missing that took the world by surprise.

According to an American newspaper, the current American administration is considering a nuclear test from 1992 to signify America's resolve against Russia and China.

For North Korea, the threat of a nuclear arms race is disquieting to the nation.

A US source mentioned that with the US making such a move, it will cause problems with negotiations that concerns North Korea on its stand about nuclear testing, and eventually dropping it.

The status of negotiations about the management of the North Korean arsenal is stalled, as of now. Even with summits of the US and North Korea.

In recent months, North Korea was active in testing rockets which are multiple launch rocket systems, but Japan and the US say there are ballistic missiles.

A UN resolution that prohibits the UN Security Council that has not allowed any weapons testing comes to the wings of the nuclear deterrence policy which North Korea needs.

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