In times of pandemics, nations should work together, however, Pentagon cites that the People Liberation Army Navy is Beijing's big stick to provoke the US Military into an undesired impasse.

The crux of the Pentagon's serious harangue is how China is expanding too far and too fast during the COVID-19 pandemic which is seen as sly maneuvering by Beijing that is creating a flashpoint, anytime soon.

 As much as the US military prefers to keep out of ASEAN problems, actions of China have created reckless encounters that cannot be avoided. Xi Jinping co-opting of resources and bullying of a weaker nation have made the US Navy reactive as support for allies.

One US official, Reed Werner told Fox News that China is determined to test how much the US can take.

He added that nine encounters of US and Chinese fighter have been reported over the South China Sea from the 15th of March. All the escalatory moves by China should be resolved or the US might take action.

The Chinese were maneuvering in unsafe circumstances but declined comment further.

Last March, a US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin was nearly struck by a Chinese escort ship, which got back up from a group of Chinese Navy ships. This was a case of goading when a US ship was working with allies and the PLAN chose provocative actions a month before.

Other developments that run counter to the peaceful South China Sea is mock sea battles to intimidate Taiwan and with the Liaoning, which is a projection of China's sea power.

Werner and the Pentagon are not looking at China military flexion as foreboding. Also, the US has kept clear and avoided retaliation. Though several complaints have been sent to channels without any military action.

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A recent statement from the Pentagon said that the People's Republic of China is stepping up activity muscle other Asian countries on their lawful claims in the SCS. It seems as counterproductive especially with more opportunism as COVID-10 is causing problems for everyone.

The Department of Defense is not surprised that America's antagonist are opportunists who are capitalizing on the distraction of COVID-19, that is everywhere. But the Department of Defense will be ready to face any enemy and defend all the interests of the US, as well as its allies too.

One of the objective of the US military is to be the big stick of America in the south China seas and the Indo-Pacific region for more global coverage. Recently, the "big stick," it's USS Theodore Roosevelt is set to return after getting docked because of a coronavirus breakout. According to the US, the coronavirus is the creation of China's CCP, and both are hurling accusations at each other.

US navy ships have gone on patrol or went on freedom-of-navigation operations (FONOPs) where the PLAN was active, often single ships moved out to drive away Chinese ships. With the US Air Force projecting US air power.

Many of the US vessels, like the USS America, USS Barry, and naval forces with Air Force assets are sure to make an impression that the US is not joking but dead serious.

A recent FONOPs has gotten the ire of the PLA Southern Theater Command, who were just blasting rhetoric but sat by, waiting for US ships to pass. Out of spite, they were calling comparisons to the COVID-19 response.

This pandemic gets worse but the PLAN is not a trifle, so the Pentagon should find a way for the US military to avoid anything untoward, especially once its big stick comes to the pacific and resume operations.

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