According to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, China's expansionism is a threat to all freedom-loving countries and America who more than jeopardized by the coronavirus from Wuhan.

 Pompeo too another jab at Beijing in one of the latest pronouncement against the Xi Jinping regime, who heads the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

 China has not fulfilled its promise to stop polarizing the South China Sea by sending ships to harass, a diminished One Country, also a Two Systems Hong Kong Policy which reforms were promised.

 All the Chinese actuation are more than a US and Beijing affair, with their complicity that is more than it's exported coronavirus.

 A statement was released to the right-wing news site Breitbart, he said the Chinese communists are doing far worse than their coronavirus. Citing their ignominious activities since it was seeded by China from its discovery.

 Overall the coronavirus and the CCP are the greatest threats that are a danger to democratic states and America, who are all undermined by the conniving actions of Beijing.

This is just the latest instalment of exchanges coming from the two countries and how they are handling the coronavirus pandemic, from day one in Wuhan.

 Many countries have aired demands for an enquiry about the coronavirus, as the World Health Organization is holding a virtual assembly to discuss the matter.

The assembly will include the US which has been blasted by Trump as a Chinese lackey how it dodges for China. Another one is how the US has stopped giving funds when China benefits from the money that is not theirs.

One of the US charges is that the Chinese Communist Party allowed the coronavirus to travel abroad destroying samples, but Chinese have admitted to it though added a convenient way out too.

China's admission of the destruction of the samples in unauthorized laboratories that prevented access to the earliest strains.

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Another of the bombshells cited by Pompeo is proof that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of virology.

Later a state-run Chinese newspaper blasted him for the allegations against China.

The communist paper, The Global Times tried to murk up the issue by citing his religion and suggested he be punished, the broadcaster call him evil in contrast to China suspected of complicity for the spread of COVID-19.

 Chinese propagandists then said Trump, Pompeo, and trade adviser 'Peter Navarro' as liars or the 'professional lying trio' to misdirect issues once again.

Pompeo told Breitbart last weekend, that the Chinese also brand his many names.

Further adding these useless jabs are impotent and a trifle that should be called a weakness, no resolve at all.

The secretary of state did not deny how high the US death toll has climbed, and is the worst affected professional lying trio' all over the globe.

US President Donald Trump called it reckless to witholdd information about the outbreak, even stating evidence exists the WIV is where everything began.

One of his demands that made China belch was a $1 trillion as of the tariff for starting the pandemic, the CCP was ruffled because of this.

Another was that China inked a deal with the Trump administration, and the coronavirus came from China, to infect the world with 'the ink not even dry'.

Throughout the exchanges China has been deflecting and not admitting its apparent complicity in the coronavirus affair, even charging the coronavirus was made and planted by US troops.

 No doubt the expansionists ambitions of China is taking a toll, made worse by the coronavirus which all freedom-loving countries and America has to take stock off.

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