China finally admits destroying early coronavirus samples according to Chinese officials allegedly for safety purposes, not as a cover-up as stated by the US.

This is revealed by Chinese officials after a long spat this has vindicated claims by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo late last month. The COVID-19 samples were indeed destroyed giving credence to part of the Five Eyes Intelligence report.

Newsweek reports that on Friday, Liu Dengfeng, a supervisor with China's National Health Commission, verified the authorized destruction of coronavirus samples by the CCP on January 3 in laboratories that were unauthorized, as a report by relevant Chinese officials.

Liu stressed all actions were done not to cover up any complicity, instead to prevent any biohazards that the lab samples posed and release of unknown pathogens worse than those concocted in Chinese labs.

Furthermore, these labs were not authorized to keep and handle such samples, destruction of these samples were mandated by Chinese public health laws.

How many labs were involved in the state-sanctioned destruction of the first viral samples, was not mentioned by Liu.

Admitting such claims was necessary over the souring diplomatic relations between the US and Mainland China because of the COVID-19 outbreak starting in Wuhan.

A month earlier, Pompeo said,"The CCP kept the virus sample, instead of sharing it with other nations to analyze."

The US official said the failure of the CCP to inform the World Health Organization was condemnable because the pandemic got worse than it should have.

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Pompeo attacked China's continued denial till now on the point that it keeps all the information that helped killed more than 313,260 people worldwide, with 4,721,828 cases, all because human-to-human transmission was kept on hold at Xi's request.

Another is the whiteout done on whistle blowers who warned of the new coronavirus, overall China's actions in preventing analysis and destruction of samples have proven to be detrimental for the entire world.

Compared to other countries, the US has been hit hard and with more deaths than any other country now, surpassing even Italy.

President Trump had an interview with the Fox Business Network, expressing disappoint on the very conduct of China.

The accepted narrative of the coronavirus

A viral outbreak started in Wuhan on December 31 in China, spreading all over the world as the US and China were inking a trade deal that was called a success by Washington. Later Trump expressed misgivings in events that followed soon after.

A report from the Department of Homeland Security last Sunday revealed that during the pandemic, China kept it a secret in early January, began hoarding medical supplies that led to shortage.

The Associated Press got a May 1 report of Chinese increasing imports and less import of medical supplies.

Adding more bullets to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance that alleged rub outs and disappearances of whistle blower, 'destroy viral samples', and deleted mentions of the COVID-19 in early stages.

Evidenced from the "Five Eyes intelligence alliance" document included China destroying coronavirus samples, which Liu Dengfeng admitted to, but not as a cover up for greater safety concerns.

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