Albquerque Police Department reported that a man was arrested for allegely trying to set his wife on fire, after he came home enraged for not qualifying for a COVID-19 related stimulus check in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Wednesday.

According to the report the 63-year-old Joe Macias, abruptly left his mobile home and then came back a few moments later. That was when he reportedly drenched his wife and their trailer home with gasoline and tried to set it on fire with a lighter.

Macias, however, did not succeed in lighting the mobile home with his wife inside on fire, but he is still facing several charges which include, attempted murder, kidnapping and aggravated battery toward a household member. Macias was then brought and detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Based on the criminal complaint which was filed in the Metropolitan Court, the police responded to a reported family dispute at a mobile home park in 7400 block of San Pedro NE, a few blocks north of San Antonio around 8:30 PM. The officers then found the suspect walking down the street while his clothes were soaked with gasoline.

When officers reached a nearby trailer, they found the suspect's disabled wife on the floor, who was also soaked in gasoline from her hair to her clothing.

The report also stated that Macia's wife told them that he threatened that she was going to face the consequences of him not qualifying for the relief payment before storming out to buy more beer. When he returned, she said that he pushed her on the ground then proceeded to drench the whole place in gasoline.

Moreover, the victim said that she was unable to get up from the floor due to her disability. That was when Macias pulled out a cigarette and attempted to light it several times. Luckily, the lighter was drenched in gasoline and did not light up.

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Why are some people not qualified for stimulus checks?

After US President Donald Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act as a law, it came with a $2 trillion stimulus package, which is the largest amount which was released for a relief bill in the history of America.

As part of that package, Americans who are qualified are to receive one-time cash payments amounting up to $1,200. However, not all Americans are able to receive the aid, some of them fall through the cracks including, immigrants without SSNs college ids, and some disabled adults.

The gaps were also seemingly caused by the rush and pressure to enact the law, with lawmakers opting to base it on tax returns despite the fact that many people were unable to file.

It was also made sure by the Congress that the money goes to those who are really in need at the moment, especially those who are directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

It is still unclear why Macias did not qualify for the said relief check or why he took out his anger on his wife.

At the moment, online records state that there is no attorney listed for the suspect.

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