The U.S. has been accused of diverting masks that was meant for the German Police, taking away much-needed mask supplies. It is also accused of outbidding others when coronavirus protection is getting scarcer.

Reports were filed that 200,000 N95 masks were sent to the U.S. instead, it was diverted to Thailand according to German officials who said it was for their police.

Andreas Geisel, the interior minister for Berlin state, said that diverting the supply is "an act of modern piracy," ask the German government to tell Washington to follow international trading rules. He added,"This is no way to treat trans-Atlantic partners." Criticizing wild west methods mentioned Geisel.

Sources added that German said the masks were made in China for the U.S. company 3M, but there was no record or getting seized, nor can the report be confirmed where it came from.

Germans allege that the Trump administration is pulling its weight and making a free-for-all, or countries outmuscling each other for coveted medical supplies.

Those like Valérie Pécresse, the influential president of the Île-de-France region, which includes Paris, call it a mask "treasure hunt."

Pécresse added that the masks were expensive and the Americans paid the bill. There was no way to outbid because they were not as moneyed, she told BFMTV and they were outed

Pécresse was able to get 1.5 million masks with the assistance of Franco-Chinese in Paris.

Her complaint was similar to other French officials who indicated that American buyers, who outbid others even a shipment ready to be sent to France was procured from them.

There is a brewing 'mask wars' that French media is calling, and outbidding on shipments is a common practice now.

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The maker of the N95 mask confirmed that the Trump administration asked for more shipments to the U.S. from abroad, the U.S. government had a deal for 10 million masks.

3M added that the administration asked to stop mask exports and just sell to American assets. But 3M said this request would endanger other countries who need the supplies for use and get negative feedback from them.

Another point of view is that fewer respirators for the U.S. will be unhealthy for the American people who will depend on them.

This move drew flak from Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who said the U.S is also dependent on some Canada sourced-medical supplies.

America can get more masks because of its large air freighters, which is more than China's. Buyers from governments and U.S. states and private buyers go through brokers in Shanghai.

Michael Crotty of Golden Pacific Fashion & Design in Shanghai confirmed to the New York Times that big volume sales will get first dibs.

Robert Kraft, an American billionaire businessman, lent the Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker a plane to bring 1.2m masks from China to Massachusetts.

When the plane arrived, Baker made a speech and said that the protective gear will keep all the frontline health workers safe.

Other states are now competing for the same supplies. New York governor, Andrew Cuomo said it was like eBay, as state scramble for precious supplies.

Most state governors are now clear that they need to stockpile with increased competition for extra supplies, as Trump said it will depend on the administration who gets supplies first.

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