A throwaway line of dialogue from an early Breaking Bad episode will be turned it into the main plot of
(Photo: Twitter/@RollingStone) A throwaway line of dialogue from an early Breaking Bad episode will be turned into the main plot of "Better Call Saul" season 5.

A throwaway line of dialogue from an early "Breaking Bad" episode will be turned into the main plot of "Better Call Saul" season 5.

The spin-off show has, of course, featured multiple references to its parent program "Breaking Bad." It never leans on the latter's nods as a crutch. Instead, any Easter eggs are inculcated organically into the story.

We have long been told of the story of the wise talking Saul Goodman and last year, "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" was released that concludes Jessie Pinkman's story.

The lawyer Jimmy McGill is gone, his guilty demeanor vanished. In his place is the man anticipated for all these years, Albuquerque's hometown legal huckster Saul Goodman.

"Better Call Saul" is currently airing on AMC in the United States and will be coming to Netflix around the globe over the next year or so.

The show shines in its sense of familiarity. When characters are seen doing things that have been routines, there is a sense of wonder in seeing how the performers manage to make the most mundane tasks feel fresh.

The show kicks off its penultimate season by checking in with Gene at that Cinnabon in Omaha. Having had a panic attack, Gene rummages through his closet and finds his Band-Aid box full of loose diamonds.

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Kim is not having the easiest time persuading the people around her to steer clear of risk. Her client Bobby, a young dad with one more child on the way, is looking at several years in jail if he doesn't plead down.

"Breaking Bad" associations may have to become more apparent as Gilligan builds to Saul's conclusion.

This season is the beginning for Bob Odenkirk's criminal lawyer, a guy tenacious on succeeding at all costs through offering cut-rate service to street criminals and temporarily setting up a shop in a small and dirty circus tent.

The dark part of the story will be later projected in a black and white future set in a Nebraska mall.

"Better Call Saul" stands on its own merits while its larger connections are more meaningful and make an impact.

The show saw the arrival of supporting character Lalo and it seems that viewers are finally going to learn the full story of Lalo's history. Lalo actor Tony Dalton is now a series regular for season 5. He will most likely cross paths again with Saul and Nacho because of their ties.

The "Better Call Saul" Season 5 comes with 10 episodes of season 5 which will conclude on April 20. It will now hit the same number of seasons as its parent series.

With a fixed ending firmly in sight, the combination of the spirited and repetitive is setting up something that feels new for this show.

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