Another Wuhan doctor is reported dead by communist party officials as one of the fatalities of coronavirus. On Tuesday, Liu Zhiming, who was the Wuhan hospital director of Wuhan Wuchang Hospital, died from a viral infection at 10:30 am.

Before him, Li Wenliang also died from exposure to coronavirus and made news about the circumstances of his death. He was punished by the local officials for whistle-blowing about the virus before Beijing acknowledged the pandemic that came from Wuhan.

Reports indicate that the origin of coronavirus came from a seafood market. Many medical workers are risking life and limb, to help prevent the rapid spread of the virus, but more cases are continually reported every day.

On the reported death of Zhiming, the Communist Party wrote on social media the director has died from viral infection.

Another contradictory post said that he was still alive, but did not die from the virus yet.

On Monday night, his official death was not without questions, and it was similar to the circumstances of Wenliang's passing.

Errors in reporting the time of actual death and the inconsistencies of the official statements have a negative effect on the actual situation.

The whole misinterpretation in the government posts was attributed to one of Zhiming's friend, according to Wuhan officials. Another source of the official statements is a relative of Zhiming, who reportedly said the hospital was trying to save the doctor.

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After these confusing social media messages, the officials are now quiet on the death of Zhiming.

Similar to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic in 2003, the Chinese leadership is under suspicion of a cover-up to keep the true numbers of the coronavirus pandemic under wraps. But Beijing has requested transparency regarding the rising death toll that exceeds SARS or MERS.

A grim number was reported by Chinese officials that has 1,716 infected while on the job. Meanwhile, already six have died from assumed viral exposure to coronavirus.

The reaper's scythe has earned a total of 1,873 death since the start of the China coronavirus pandemic. Total lockdown on the mainland Chinese who cannot leave cities and several cities are no man's land, with viral contagion spiralling out of control. Plus, China's economy is getting from dealing with the coronavirus.

The deceased Liu Zhiming, Director at the Wuchang hospital, was a neurosurgeon and he worked with the coronavirus cases at Wuhan. Before getting infected by the virus and dying early due to complications associated with it.

His death may have been aggravated by the loss of supplies, and vital equipment that is not enough to cope with the rampaging coronavirus in China. Many have criticized the inability of the government to support medical personnel, who are at the breaking point as the virus seems to overwhelm all efforts.

Last Tuesday, government news organs cited the efforts of the medical field to stave off the virus from getting any worse. But, their efforts make them martyrs for the cause in curing the infected of the contagion.

Though most deaths are in the mainland, others died from the China coronavirus in other countries. As the Wuhan Director becomes one of the coronavirus collateral deaths, many are asking if a cure is coming soon.

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