Tragedy strikes as a mountain lion blindsides and attacks a young girl, 6-years-old, walking inside a park. She was saved by a bystander who hit the big cat hard, risking his life and limb.

On a Sunday, exactly before 10 A.M. at the Rancho San Antonio County Park, and Open Space Preserve in Santa Clara County the savage attacked happened. While the girl was walking with her parents, that made up six adults and four children, a mountain lion rushed out of a bushed area to lunge at the young girl.

According to District Ranger Brad Pennington who was on the scene, this is what happened from narrations of the event. It came unexpected hidden in the bush when it lunged and held the girl with its jaws. An adult then rush in and struck it in the ribs, forcing it to flee in surprise.

The girl was with three other children who could have been injured as well, but were spared by the adult's attack on the beast. Without any hesitation, the man dove in struck without thinking of his safety.  

Ranger Pennington said that the girl suffered slight injuries with the man's action. She was bitten in the calf with puncture wounds, but got first aid after the horrible attack and taken to the hospital by her parents. Full recovery is expected after the animal's attack and the fateful intercession.

Cougars or mountain lions are native in America and found in numbers. As of this incident, they are looking for the animal responsible for this attack to prevent other incidents from happening.

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The park was busy that day as the place was full of visitors, based on the park ranger's narration when the attack occurred. More than 300 cars were in the parking lot and with the most visitors in the season.

Once the incident was reported by the park rangers, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office and Fire Department rushed to the scene. Danger to the visitors prompted the preserve administration to close the park and avoid further attacks from happening.

Closure of the park is in effect until the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) go on the search for the rogue mountain lion. According to Captain Todd Tognazzini, the CDFW will determine the best course of action when the animal is caught.

This mountain lion attack has struck fear and concern from visitors, and residents near the park who are fearful of more attacks. Overall, the girls mauling by the mountain lion has left many on the edge.

Cupertino resident Evelyn Horng told KGO that mountain lions go about in the area and nearby it. But most of the big cats wander at night, moving during the day is unheard off.

Tognazzini said when any mountain lion is trapped, they will take the animal's DNA and check if it is the one responsible for the quick attack.

Once the mountain lion is positive and it attacks anyone, even a young girl, they will deal with the animal. They plan to transfer the animal anywhere far from the park as a precautionary measure.

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