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"The early bird gets the worm," but what does exactly the night owl get? Considered the "rebel" from the morning lark, they are characterized by their unconventional and up-all-night lifestyle. There are quite a lot of benefits to being a night owl.

Why do you prefer nighttime to daytime? Maybe it's your dark soul or this bizarre feeling that you will miss out on something if you go to bed early. Given the high number of night owls, it is essential to understand what impact their rhythms may have on their health.

1. Night owls start their workday at around 4 PM.

By the time they have worked out, showered, eaten lunch, run errands, and gone through their emails, it's easily 4 PM -- sometimes later.

Night owls drink coffee in the evening to be awake for 8 hours after 6 PM. After working for 4-10 PM, they usually wrap things up at 10 PM - 1 AM. Then it's probably Netflix and chill until going to sleep at 2 AM.

2. Night owls possess "night strength."

According to researchers at the University of Alberta, they tested the leg strength of nine morning people and nine night people and found that the early birds' strength remained consistent all day, but night owls' strength is the most active at night.

At around 9 PM, evening types "show increased motor cortex and spinal cord excitability," according to Olle Lagerquist, co-author of the study.

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3. One cup of coffee might be enough.

Night owls are in no need of an excessive dose of caffeine to perform at night because the body clock of night owls are automatically adjusted to stay bright and awake in the late hours.

According to a study conducted with college students from Stanford University, results suggest caffeine ingested later in the evening had more negative effects for people who wake up early than for those who regularly tend to stay up late.

4. Night owls are possibly more intelligent.

They may have the upper hand when it comes to general intelligence. According to a 2013 study published in the journal "Personality and Individual Differences," morning birds outperform night owls in school, but night owls tend to score higher on inductive reasons tests that are related to general intelligence.

People with higher IQs are likely to develop different thinking patterns from familiar evolutionary traits, such as circadian rhythms.

Darkness brings them peace and solitude. Night owls contemplate their lives and the world around them late in the night, making them more strategic problem solvers and helping them to effectively deal with their issues.

5. Night owls may be more creative.

Staying up late literally alters the way your brain works. It encourages your mind to think of solutions and ideas that are beyond the scope of traditional thinking. Night owls are more prone to thinking of creative solutions to problems than those that get up early.

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